Originally Published: June 26, 2013

Picking the best of the best

You're putting together a team of the greatest Seminoles from past and present, but whom do you pick? Do you load up on the dynamic offensive weapons who were all over FSU's offenses or the All-American and legendary defenders? Better choose because youll need the right playmakers. To answer these questions and more, NoleNation put together a panel of Florida State football experts and made them draft their all-time FSU fantasy teams.

Draft order:
No. 1: Jeff Cameron
No. 2: David Hale
No. 3: Heather Dinich

Top picks by position:
QB: Charlie Ward
RB: Warrick Dunn
WR: Peter Warrick
OL: Clay Shiver
DE: Peter Boulware
DT: Ron Simmons
LB: Marvin Jones
CB: Deion Sanders
S: J.T. Thomas

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Cameron's team: Build from the Shade Tree

By Jeff Cameron | Special to ESPN.com

Jeff Cameron had the first overall pick and stunned with his choice. The pick would set the tone for the rest of his defensive draft.

Best pick
Ron Simmons in the fifth round. Simmons was a two-time All-American DT on the field but it was his decision to commit to Florida State in the first place that helped pave the way for the influx of elite recruits that followed. Simmons was thought by many to be a lock to Georgia coming out of Warner Robins, Ga., but by attending FSU instead he helped Bobby Bowden launch Florida State into the national spotlight. By the time Simmons left the Noles, FSU had appeared in consecutive Orange Bowls in 1979 and '80 as well as achieving its highest-ever national ranking at that time. What soon followed was a dynastic run of top-five finishes spanning nearly 15 years and two national championships. Florida State fans can thank, in part, Simmons for helping FSU transition into the football power it is today.

What player did I have to get?
Marvin Jones. Most would frown upon drafting a linebacker No. 1 overall, but given that I knew we weren't actually building a team for the future and sentimentality was welcomed, I went with Shade Tree. I arrived for school in Tallahassee in 1992, the second of Jones' All-American campaigns and I have never before or since seen a linebacker dictate the terms of a football game like this Butkus Award winner. Jones was ferocious and cruel even. He had 369 career tackles in just three seasons. Former Miami (Fla.) head coach Dennis Erickson had it right when he said, "Marvin gets to the ball in a hurry, and he's not in a good mood when he gets there."

Best sleeper pick
E.G. Green in Round 13. Florida State had a number of elite players amass big numbers during the dynasty era, but for some reason many forget just how productive Green actually was. He left Florida State as the Seminoles' all-time leader in receiving touchdowns, with 29 in his career, and the Noles were 56-6-1 during his time in Tallahassee.

What player was I most disappointed to miss out on?
I'll go with Andre Wadsworth. I love his back story, being a walk-on yet eventually becoming FSU's highest draft pick, and that coupled with his overwhelming production make him the guy I'd most like to see in my lineup and not Heather's!

Overall assessment
Well, I'm loaded for bear. No question the strength of this team sits with the defense though. Two of the greatest college linebackers of all time in Jones and Derrick Brooks to go with a beastly nose tackle (Simmons) allowing them to run free means a ton of devastating hits. Would have liked to nab a couple of different members of the OL but still feel like we're good enough to move the chains pretty consistently.

Hale's team: It starts with 'Chollie'

By David M. Hale | NoleNation

David Hale picked second overall in the draft and pounced on Charlie Ward, Florida State's first Heisman Trophy winner. Hale also gathered the most exciting team with explosive playmakers Peter Warrick and Marvin "Snoop" Minnis and drafted Deion Sanders with his second pick. Prime Time's reputation speaks for itself.

Deion Sanders
Allen Dean Steele/Getty ImagesDeion Sanders gives any team football's best lockdown corner and a dynamic player.

Best pick
It's tough to argue with getting Charlie Ward in the No. 2 slot. I think most fans would make the case that he's the best player to suit up at Florida State, so that was an easy one. The best pick I made, value-wise, was probably Terrell Buckley in Round 6. Teaming him with Deion Sanders makes for a remarkably tough set of corners.

What player did you want to be certain to get?
I was on the fence in Round 3, but I didn't want to miss out on Peter Warrick. He was such a dynamic offensive player that it would've been tough to find someone else who could make as much happen on the field as he could. And with all due respect to Chris Weinke, who wouldn't be curious to see what a Florida State offense that featured both Ward and Warrick might look like?

Best sleeper pick
I thought Buckley was great value in Round 6, and given the relatively thin pickings on the offensive line, I was thrilled to get Walter Jones in Round 9 (though, to be fair, his NFL career far exceeded anything he did at Florida State). But for a real sleeper, I'll go with Lamarcus Joyner in Round 18. The current players probably got overlooked a bit in our draft because they don't have the luxury of historical context at this point, but looking back in another 10 years, it wouldn't surprise me if Joyner is viewed among the all-time best defensive backs to have come through the program.

What player were you most disappointed to miss out on?
Round 2 was a tough one because Clay Shiver is head and shoulders above any other center on the board, and I would've loved to grab him. Meanwhile, there's a good case to be made that Derrick Brooks is the best defender ever to play at Florida State, and passing on him might have been a mistake on my part -- particularly given that my linebackers are probably a bit of a weakness.

Overall assessment
Between Ward, Warrick and Deion Sanders, you'd be hard pressed to find three more diverse, dynamic players in Florida State's history, so my squad certainly has plenty of flash. Peter Boulware, Derrick Alexander and Corey Simon certainly bring some strength to the pass rush, too, and the secondary looks pretty impressive with Sanders, Joyner, Buckley and J.T. Thomas. I probably could've done a better job with the linebackers and on the offensive line, but overall I'd say this group's got an awful lot of talent.

David M. Hale | email

ESPN Staff Writer

Dinich's team: Starting with a Heisman winner

By Heather Dinich | ESPN.com

ACC blogger Heather Dinich picked last in the first round but had Heisman-winning QB Chris Weinke fall to her.

Full disclosure: This is the first fantasy draft of any kind I have ever done. Secretly, I was dreading it. Whats the best strategy? Who to pick first? It didnt take long to get hooked. Within minutes, I was ready to plant a spear in David Hales lineup. Game on. This. Was. Fun.

Chris Weinke. Mine.

Greg Allen. Mine.

Charlie Ward, gone. Marvin Jones, gone. Deion Sanders, gone. Expletive, expletive, expletive.

Anquan Boldin
AP Photo/Marcio Jose SanchezHeather Dinich might have missed on a few guys, but grabbed a steal in the late rounds, getting NFL All-Pro receiver Anquan Boldin.

Best pick
The one I will continue to brag about came in the second round. With the first pick of Round 2, I chose center Clay Shiver. BOOM. Grown men wilted. Shiver was a three-time all-conference center who earned All-American status in 1995. Bobby Bowden called Shiver the best center he coached during his career at Florida State. I had one strategy entering this draft and only one -- get my quarterback and Shiver. Not only was he the best, but who else are you going to pick? Tom McCormick was my only other option.

What player did you want to get but missed out on?
The one player I really wanted to draft was Charlie Ward (who doesnt want a Heisman winner?), but with the third overall pick, he was gone already (Hale!).

Heading into the draft, I had a roster of about three deep at each position to choose from, and if given the chance to do it again, I would have gone after more defensive linemen earlier. Defensively, I wound up with a lot of my second-team guys, but when youre talking about the greatest players in FSU history, you can go three-deep at some positions and still snag an All-American (Tay Cody). Of those second- and third-string players I had listed, I'm going to call safety Chris Hope my best sleeper pick. He's one of the smart guys (Academic All-ACC first team), and he finished his career with 234 tackles, seven stops behind the line of scrimmage, 18 passes defensed, nine interceptions, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries. Oh, and he played in a Pro Bowl and a Super Bowl.

Hope better be good, because I got only one of my first choices in the front seven -- linebacker Paul McGowan. Peter Boulware, Ron Simmons, Corey Simon and Reinard Wilson were all gone. My most disappointing miss -- aside from Ward, of course -- was Simmons. He anchored the center of the defense that took FSU to the Orange Bowl in 1979 and 1980. He had an FSU-record 25 quarterback sacks and 44 tackles for loss. He was the first player on Florida State's defense to have his number retired. Big miss. Huge.

But hey, I got Clay Shiver.

Overall assessment
I'd match up my team against any in the ACC right now (or the SEC for that matter). I still got a Heisman Trophy winner. I got a Butkus Award winner. I got a two-time Lou Groza winner. A College Football Hall of Fame receiver. A Lombardi Award runner-up.

I also got a lesson in fantasy football: With a tradition as rich in history as FSU, this is one draft you can't lose.