Did Richt expect youth to reign?

ATHENS, Ga. -- In this week's edition of the DawgNation Mailbag, someone asks whether the UF win was among Georgia players' favorite moments this season, while one LSU fan wants to know how confident the Bulldogs are that they'll make it to the SEC title game -- and win.

DawgNation answers those questions and more. We had a large volume of questions submitted and we can't answer all of them here, but fear not, as I will pass the others along to Kipp Adams and David Ching for their installments.

Bryan Bonner: In camp, did Mark Richt realize that his top receivers would be freshmen, and how does this affect his outlook on recruiting more wide receivers?

RN: Well, I can't speak for Richt but the staff, including receivers coach Tony Ball and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, did mention their young players often and with much praise during the August camp. Everyone knew Malcolm Mitchell was special, and they saw Michael Bennett making plays and tough catches in practice. As for how it will affect recruiting, the pressure has lessened slightly at that position. In 2010 the staff wanted three or four receivers and got just one. In 2011, the Bulldogs signed four -- two of whom will redshirt. They didn't fight for C.J. Curry when he decommitted and have since replaced him with Blake Tibbs. DawgNation hasn't heard of any new offers going out, so it seems they are content to battle for the players still on their board, including Cordarrelle Patterson and Nelson Agholor.

Wade Alford: How badly is Isaiah Crowell dinged up, and how has he managed to stay dinged up almost all season?

RN: He has a lot of cuts and bruises, and there was a collective panic among beat writers when he missed the first few minutes of Tuesday's practice. We won't know for certain until Saturday, but Richt said Crowell was dealing with a sore knee. As for how Crowell has managed to get hurt repeatedly, well that is simple: He has carried the ball 170 times. Defenses key on him and give him their best shot. He has taken some hits that I can hear all the way across the field. He is not a big bruiser like Marcus Lattimore -- but then Lattimore is out for the season so maybe some busted ribs, a deep thigh bruise, a sore shin and a popped wrist are not so bad.

Stephen Roberts: I'd love to know what certain players consider their favorite moment so far. Chances are it was the last weekend in October for a few of them.

RN: I thought this was a good question so I posed it to a few players Tuesday.

TE Aron White: "It would have to be Florida. Running around after the game, messing with the fans -- that was a great feeling."
CB Sanders Commings: "This last game. This was the first time every part of this team has played its best game."
P Drew Butler: "It would have to be Florida. It kind of catapulted us to where we are today."
QB Aaron Murray: "I think our turnaround from the first two games. When our leaders said, 'It's a new season, let's start fresh and go 10-0 from here.' "

Seems you were right, Stephen.

Amber White Getsinger: LSU fan here, and I want to know how confident the Georgia players are that they'll make it to the SEC championship and their ability to win it.

RN: Talking with the players this week they are very confident that they will beat Kentucky. They have to be, seeing as how they are playing lights-out and Kentucky, well, the Wildcats can't even find the switch. As for their ability to win it, the players I spoke to believe they can compete with anyone in the country. And why shouldn't they feel that way? The defense ranks among the best in the country and the offense is the second most productive in the SEC. But the biggest factor in championship games is turnovers. The Bulldogs have the second best turnover margin in the SEC -- second only to LSU.

Kevin Toole: Does the commitment of Faton Bauta mean that Hutson Mason is transferring?

RN: Bauta's commitment might seem to be related but it is not. That doesn't mean that Mason isn't going to transfer. This week I asked him if he was considering doing so and Mason said he wasn't thinking about it right now but he would have a decision to make after the season was over.

"I came to Georgia to play, I am a competitor," Mason said. "My goal was to come here and win the job and it still is every single day."

Mason talks about the idea of transferring here.

Radi Nabulsi covers University of Georgia athletics for DawgNation. He can be reached at RadiNabulsiESPN@gmail.com.