Wolverines savor historic win

The lights at Michigan Stadium have been turned off, the sun has come up, classes have started again, and the Michigan football team is focused on next Saturday's matchup against Eastern Michigan.

But that doesn't mean the players have forgotten about Saturday night's 35-31 win over Notre Dame.

"It was a part of history. … It's gonna be something I'll be able to tell my kids, grandkids," senior wide receiver Junior Hemingway said of the team's extraordinary fourth-quarter comeback.

Senior defensive tackle Ryan VanBergen was on the sidelines when junior Roy Roundtree scored the game-winning touchdown, but his celebration even included a chest bump with Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon.

"It was kind of interesting because I was going for it, and I don't think he knew," Van Bergen said. "When you see with a player you make an eye-to-eye contact, you start gathering for the jump, you've got it timed out, you practice this kind of thing. And we didn't rehearse this.

"You could tell he's kind of rusty, but I think he'll come along."

Former players, including Charles Woodson and Marlin Jackson, stood on the sideline with the team. And in all the excitement, Van Bergen also had the opportunity to celebrate with Steve Everitt.

"This blonde guy in a yellow shirt comes up and just smacks me," Van Bergen said. "It was probably one of the harder hits I had in the game."

The Big House set a new record for most fans to watch a game live (114,804), and coach Brady Hoke alluded to the fact Michigan might try to schedule one night game a season from now on.

Looking forward

For the first time since 1989, Eastern Michigan has started a season 2-0. The Eagles will come to Ann Arbor on Saturday for the noon matchup.

While Hoke spoke highly of Western Michigan quarterback Alex Carder and Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees, he has yet to mention Eastern Michigan's signal-caller, Alex Gillett.

In the Eagles' 14-7 win over Alabama State on Saturday, Gillett completed 7-of-19 passes for one touchdown. The junior also rushed for 74 yards.

But Eastern's main rushing threats are tailbacks Dominique Sherrer and Javonti Greene, who each rushed for more than 100 yards against Alabama State.

In order to contain opposing offenses and make sure teams don't have 500-plus yards like Notre Dame did, Hoke said he needs to "feel" the defensive line more.

"The offensive line is known for pushing guys back and that's their job," Van Bergen said. "But he wants the defensive line to push the offensive line back and then make a play. It's kind of a swagger thing, it's kind of a confidence thing. It's something he expects out of his defensive line."

And while the Eagles' offense has been impressive so far this season (441 yards in total offense against Howard; 397 against Alabama State), it's the Eagles' defense that may pose more of an issue for Michigan. Against the Hornets, Eastern Michigan recorded eight sacks.

Injury updates

While Hoke has made it very clear he won't be talking about players' injuries throughout the season, he did mention a few names Monday in his weekly news conference.

On Saturday, redshirt senior Troy Woolfolk wore a cast on his hand and suffered a hit to the face. Hoke said Woolfolk's nose was "just a bit torn up," but otherwise he was "fine."

Hoke also said that while senior Martavious Odoms' injury which has left his arm in a cast set him back a little, he sees Odoms getting more involved.

Sophomore Fitzgerald Touissant and senior Brandon Herron, who both had impressive games against Western Michigan, didn't see the field this past Saturday.

Senior Marell Evans did not dress for the second week in a row. "I don't know when it will clear up, but he's doing a great job being the best scout team linebacker in the country," Hoke said.

Chantel Jennings covers University of Michigan sports for WolverineNation. She can be reached at jenningsespn@gmail.com.