Talk with OU coaches swayed Everett

Junior college cornerback Kass Everett (Philadelphia/Pierce College) didn't have any trouble sleeping on Wednesday night. After a crazy 24 hours that resulted in Everett signing a national letter of intent with Oklahoma, it was not a restless night.

"No, that wasn't a problem," Everett said. "In fact, I probably slept too much last night."

He's not re-thinking his decision to join the Sooners, either. After a stressful Wednesday, Everett was back to normal on Thursday. No longer worrying about picking between OU and Texas Tech, Everett was finalizing holiday plans to visit his family in Philadelphia.

When he looks back at how everything went down Wednesday, he has no regrets.

"Not at all," he said.

Everett, one of the most coveted junior college defensive backs in the nation, had narrowed down his final two choices to Oklahoma and Texas Tech two weeks ago.

When he went to sleep on Tuesday night, he was certain he was going to sign with the Sooners. But an unsettling night allowed doubt to creep into his mind. And with the clock getting closer and closer to the noon press conference at Pierce College in Woodland Hills, Calif., Everett needed more time.

Instead of delaying his announcement to clear his head, Everett put on the Red Raiders hat and announced his intention to sign with Texas Tech, but he never faxed the information to Lubbock, Texas. He only put on the hat for the ceremony and gave interviews about why the Red Raiders were going to be his team.

Following the announcement, Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops and defensive backs coach Willie Martinez called Everett seeking to figure out what had happened overnight. The coaches asked Everett why he had made the switch, and he could not come up with an answer.

"Not being able to give them an answer snapped me back to my senses," Everett said. "I made the best decision for me. They expressed how much they need me. It was really emotional."

What it came down to was stability, he said. And after having another talk with his father and thinking about it some more, the stable option, and the right option for Everett became the Sooners.

"My father was going to support me, no matter what," Everett said. "Whatever decision I made, he was telling me to go for it.

"When I switched to Tech, he was like 'C'mon, son, you gotta make up your mind.' He really liked OU because of the opportunity they give their players. He respects the tradition."

The next couple of hours were a blur for Everett.

He spoke with Martinez and Stoops and was convinced that Norman was his destination. And when he tried to get in touch with Texas Tech defensive coordinator Chad Glasgow, he didn't hear anything. Everett said Glasgow's phone was disconnected the multiple times he tried to reach him Wednesday.

Rumors have persisted about Glasgow's future all week. But as of Thursday night, he is still the Texas Tech defensive coordinator. And when Everett needed him the most, he said he couldn't reach Glasgow.

It was a big blow for Everett since it was Glasgow that had formed the relationship with Everett's father. Everett said he didn't try to get in touch with anybody else from the Tech coaching staff. He went back home after the press conference to change clothes and came back to fax his national letter of intent. He knew he was sending it to Oklahoma, ending all speculation and an intense two-team race to acquire Everett.

Both the Red Raiders and the Sooners put on the full court press. Two weeks ago defensive coordinator Brent Venables visited Everett, while Martinez visited Everett's father in Philadelphia.

Last week, OU brought four coaches as wide receivers coach Jay Norvell joined Stoops, Venables and Martinez in California. Norvell and Stoops had to leave early, but Everett spoke with Venables and Martinez for nearly 3 hours.

As it related to football, they were saying all the right things.

"They were talking about how I can be that boundary corner," Everett said. "This is what I had talked about. I've wanted the opportunity to play at a big-time program like OU and now I've got it. With my work ethic, it's all up to me now."

Everett wasn't initially on the Sooners' radar until teammate Gerald Bowman came along. Bowman made an official visit to Oklahoma on Nov. 4 and told the coaches about Everett. Three weeks later, Everett had an offer and was making an official visit of his own.

"Gerald was a big part of things starting for me," Everett said. "His support has gone a long way. It has been good to talk to someone who knows exactly what I'm going through."

Bowman also made his announcement Wednesday, signing with USC. OU and Miami were his two other favorites.

Texas Tech had the same intensity as OU in Everett's pursuit, and Everett doesn't have anything bad to say about either program.

After initially picking the Red Raiders on Wednesday afternoon, Everett went eerily quiet. For someone who is as active on Twitter as Everett, perhaps it was a sign that not everything was right.

Then after it was revealed Everett had faxed his national letter of intent to OU, he still remained silent for a few hours before tweeting "#Boomer #Sooner" around 11 p.m. CT on Wednesday.

Everett has bounced around since playing high school football in Philadelphia. He spent one year at the University of Delaware where he admittedly said he wasn't taking football as seriously as he needed to. It was Bowman that helped convince him to head to Pierce College, and the rest is history.

"I feel like I'm ready for this," Everett said. "I knew this was going to be a tough decision, and it was. But I'm ready for what is going to happen next."

Everett has two years of eligibility left and should have a chance to make an immediate impact. Known for his physicality and solid coverage skills, Everett has the skill set the Sooners have looked for in their cornerbacks in the past. He will enroll at OU in January.

Oklahoma entered the week with one cornerback for the 2012 class in De'Vante Harris (Mesquite, Texas/Horn) and now has three. Kevin Peterson (Wagoner, Okla./Wagoner) committed to the Sooners on Sunday, something that ultimately didn't play a role at all in Everett's mindset.

Everett said he was going to take his time to make this decision because there was no room for error this time around. He couldn't take a chance. He had to be sure. And now he'ss sure and wants everybody else to be sure that he is a Sooner.

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