Time & Change: Bam Childress

Time and Change is a series at BuckeyeNation in which we chat with former Ohio State athletes.

Success has always seemed to follow Brandon "Bam" Childress.

He was named Mr. Football in 1999 as Ohio's best player as a wide receiver for Bedford St. Peter Chanel. He won a state championship with the Firebirds on the basketball court, a national championship with the Buckeyes on the gridiron and was on the roster with the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLII.

Childress closed his career at Chanel as the school's all-time leader in receiving yards (2,258), touchdowns (33), touchdown receptions (21), points (202) and all-purpose yards (7,103).

Signed as a cornerback by John Cooper, Childress spent five seasons with the Buckeyes.
He switched over to wideout, where he made 33 receptions for 392 yards at Ohio State.

Undrafted in 2005, Childress played professionally for New England, Philadelphia and the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Childress, 30, lives in Bainbridge, Ohio, and is an insurance agent for State Farm in Bedford.

He is also the wide receivers and defensive backs coach for Cleveland Heights High School.

Childress is a cousin to Champ and Boss Bailey.

BN: You went to Chanel and now your office is back in Bedford. What is the pull for you with Northeast Ohio?

Childress: I grew up in Warrensville Heights, which is like two minutes away from Bedford, I went to Chanel. My family is here. Everyone knows me here. To me, it's a pretty nice situation for what my business can offer.

BN: You were recruited by John Cooper but spent the majority of your time with Jim Tressel. What do you tell these sophomores, juniors and seniors about what they need to do to adapt to a change at head coach?

Childress: I think they're adapting well, but if I had words of wisdom after being in it, it would be to just trust the coach. Urban Meyer comes from a background of national championships and putting guys in situations where they become successful. Trust the coaching staff and work on becoming a better player every day.

BN: What did Tressel teach you that you use from a coaching standpoint and from a business standpoint today?

Childress: Organization. He was real organized in everything he did. It wasn't just thrown together and, 'Let's see if it works.' Everything was properly planned. That was obviously the biggest thing I took away in terms of sports and from a business standpoint. You want to be organized. Have a plan, have a goal in mind for whatever you want to accomplish.

BN: What does it mean to be a Buckeye?

Childress: Being a Buckeye is an honor and privilege first and foremost. The community you are a part of, people don't understand until they're a part of it. You can go across the country and find Buckeyes everywhere. You can find people who went to Ohio State or love Ohio State. We demand respect and we get respect wherever we go.

To give you an example, a lot of guys in the NFL, when you're trying out and you say where you're from and have a good play, people ask, 'Where is he from?' You can tell people 'I'm from Ohio State,' and that respect skyrockets. People understand you worked very hard for what you did and what you accomplished. Whether it's football, whether it's a doctor or a journalist, coming from Ohio State speaks volumes. They understand the commitment and how strong Ohio State is.

BN: What do you expect from the Buckeyes under Urban Meyer?

Childress: I will go on record and say we'll win a national championship. The athletes that they have and the athletes that they're going to get, the time is due for us to win it instead of just going and losing. We always get there, but something happens, whether it's an injury or a couple play calls get us behind and we can't get back in it. I think with Urban Meyer, his coaching staff, the players we have now and the players we'll get, they'll come in and do what he wants to do and will adapt to it -- they're 4-0 now -- they're playing really well, a lot of kids want to be a part of that. The more and more athletes he gets like what was at Florida, I would say a national championship is a lock.

BN: What's next for you?

Childress: I'm happy. I can honestly sit back and say I'm happy in what I'm doing in life. My wife went to Ohio State and was an All-American lacrosse player, Brandie Williams. She's pregnant again, my business is doing well. We're ranked 65th among Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee -- out of every single agency in those three states.

What's next is just staying happy. My mom is happy seeing me be successful. The Buckeyes are doing well, so I can talk trash to everybody I played with that went to Michigan or Wisconsin. I'm just fortunate to do the things I love.