Adrian Colbert Q&A

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Editor's note: Before Texas' 2012 recruiting class arrives on campus, HornsNation will talk with each of the incoming freshman one more time before their college careers begin.

The idea of juggling two sports in college is the dream of many, but not everyone has the skills to pull it off. Adrian Colbert (Mineral Wells, Texas/Mineral Wells) is one of the talented few that can, and will at Texas.

Colbert, the No. 20 safety in the 2012 ESPN 150, has sought the advice from current Longhorns two-sport star Marquise Goodwin and is confident that he can hold his own.

He's also confident in his decision to switch commitments from Baylor to Texas.

But before he turns his attention to succeeding as a Longhorn, and earning early playing time at safety, he'll try and repeat as the Class 3A 200-meter champion at this week's Class 3A UIL State Track and Field Meet at Mike A. Myers Stadium. Colbert will also compete in the 400-meters and 4x100 relay.

HornsNation: Not only are you a highly regarded football recruit but also one of the better track athletes in the state. How is track season going this year and how confident are you that you will repeat as state champion?

Colbert: It's been going great. My training has been going well and I have recently just began watching film on my whole season. I know it is kind of late but it's actually made me improve a lot. This past weekend [two weekends ago] I went up to Marble Falls and I hadn't been coming out of my starts very well. So my plans for the week were to just work on my weaknesses and mainly just my start. It worked out pretty well. I stayed low and pretty much dominated.

HN: How many races have you lost this year?

AC: I've lost one race. I lost by a step. It was my first loss in two years so it doesn't really bother me. It's kind of upsetting but then again we were running against 4A and 5A schools.

HN: You are going to play both football and run track at Texas, and have spoken to Marquise Goodwin about what that is going to entail. What did those conversations entail?

AC: He told me the biggest difficulty would be maintaining your weight for track and football. You have to be a little big for football but you want to be a little lean for track. You don't want too much weight on you to slow you down. He also told me how tired you'd be going from track to football, and football to track.

HN: How do you plan to balance both sports and do you, at all, feel like maybe you have bitten off more than you can chew by playing both in college?

AC: Not really. I like a challenge and I think this will be one of my biggest challenges yet. I am looking forward to facing it. I recently talked with [Texas secondary] Coach [Duane] Akina about it and he talked to me about Sheroid [Evans] and all the problems he's been having. I started thinking about it and was just thinking any way I can prevent from getting so tired, like not doing indoor season.

HN: Programs really didn't start recruiting you for football until later than most might figure with someone with your abilities. Do you think that had anything to do with going to a school off the beaten path like Mineral Wells?

AC: I think it did. That and my team isn't really high-profiled. We don't have a lot of big names coming out of Mineral Wells. I honestly think that could be the reason.

HN: Does it anger you or give you a chip on your shoulder that you weren't recruited more highly early on?

AC: Not really. It just gives me something more to work for. All the other recruits that get all the hype and big offers, sometimes it gets to their heads. A low-profiled guy like me, it just makes me want to work harder and outshine everybody else that was higher than me.

HN: You obviously know the state of Texas' safety position. Two left from last year and Adrian Phillips was held out this spring because of injury. He'll be good to return in the fall but do you think you will be able to add immediate depth?

AC: Definitely. I just have to come in there and work hard like I know I can and do everything I can to get better and learn from everyone else. I have already started to get real deep into my workout even though I am at the peak of my track season. I'm really excited about getting the opportunity to get a starting position or get some play time.

HN: What aspect of your game do you think will translate best to college and what will you have to work on the most?

AC: Me being able to catch onto things really fast and then my speed. That's always been a key factor in my playing style. Some of the things that I'll have to work on are my footwork and my vision because I am kind of blind. I usually get that fixed during footballs season with contacts. This year is my first year ever wearing contacts during football season. In years past it's been pretty hard on me.

HN: You were originally committed to Baylor. Since your commitment to Texas, have you ever thought twice about signing with the Longhorns?

AC: Never. Never. Once I first got into Austin on that official visit I knew that's where I was going to go. That's why I didn't make any promises to the Baylor coaches before I went down there. They had come to see me the day before I went to Austin and they were like 'Just promise you won't change your mind on us.' And I was like, 'I can't do that.' Once I got down there I knew it was real and what I really wanted.

HN: You are the first person in your family to go to college. Talk about that aspect of it all.

AC: Academics are the key to life. Without knowledge you have nothing. You can be the best athlete in the world but if you don't have the grades then you can't do anything with that talent. It's just been something my dad's stressed to me since I was little and it's just stuck with me and I really like it. It's thought me to be the man I am today.