Tim Cole Q&A

Editor's note: Before Texas' 2012 recruiting class arrives on campus, HornsNation will talk with each of the incoming freshman one more time before their college careers begin.

Tim Cole is used to being underestimated. He's been trying to prove himself throughout his football career, and now he gets to start all over again at Texas. At least he'll still have best friend and fellow Texas signee Malcom Brown by his side.

HornsNation's Max Olson recently sat down with Cole and Brown at Brenham High School to talk about their future at Longhorns. Today, the duo breaks down why they think Cole will thrive at Texas.

HornsNation: Malcom, what do you think of Tim Cole as a football player?

Malcom Brown: Tim will surprise a lot of people. People don't know how hard Tim plays. I watched that every day. Sometimes I didn't feel like working out, but he motivates me because I look out on that field and see Tim just out there running by himself sometimes. Some people just don't know how much Tim works out. People will say, 'Why did Texas offer you?' if they've never seen Tim play, but they're going to see it next year.

HN: Texas has four freshman linebackers coming in this summer. What makes you think he's one of the guys who will play right away?

MB: Tim will play. I don't know what motivates him, but something gets him going every day. When Tim is out on the field, he's going to do what he's got to do. Tim goes hard every day. He goes hard until the whistle blows. Tim will do whatever it takes to get the play done. He's a good leader on the field. He always takes charge. I don't mess with him about that, even though we're both team captains.

HN: What do you think Tim is going to be like as a roommate?

MB: He's clean. Tim's mom is pretty strict on him so I know she's been keeping that room clean. It's probably going to carry over. He'll be OK.

HN: What's the funniest thing he's done on the field?

MB: All right, the funniest thing Tim has done: His junior year, we were playing Montgomery, our biggest rival. End of the game, we're up by two touchdowns. Last play of the game. Tim starts messing around with Leroy [Dobbins], their running back. He starts shouting, 'Leroy! Come here Leroy! Come here Leroy!' So they snap the ball, we though we had him in the backfield. He broke all our tackles. He broke like 11 tackles and scored. And then Coach was mad. Hilarious.

HN: What do you think of Tim off the field and his character?

MB: Tim's good. He's always fun to be around because he's real with you no matter what. If Tim thinks something, he's going to tell you. If Tim wants to say it he's going to say it. That's just how I like him. He's 100 percent real with you.

HN: Tim, what position do you think you'll play when you get to Texas?

Tim Cole: I'm going to play outside linebacker. I played outside sophomore year, then they moved me to the middle junior and senior year. When I went to all-star games I got comfortable playing outside again. That's what best fits me.

HN: Have the coaches told you that you've got to be ready and in shape because they expect a lot from you this season?

TC: That's what coach [Bennie] Wylie was telling me. He told me at the spring game to make sure I came in shape because if you go hard and do what you need to do you'll definitely get in the rotation. That continues to help me work out hard – I know I can make a difference, I guess.

HN: Texas signed four linebackers for your class. Are you confident you'll be one of the guys who gets on the field this season?

TC: Yes sir. I feel like with my skills and my whole mindset and my hard work I can go in there and compete with the best of them.

HN: You got a chance to go to the Orange-White game this spring with most of the other signees. What did you take away from that experience?

TC: When I was watching the spring game, I was just picturing myself being out there. I'm just ready. It makes me that more ready to be at Texas.

HN: Who are some of those guys you're looking forward to playing with?

TC: I'm excited to play with Quandre Diggs. I like him, he's pretty cool. We played against him sophomore year and beat him. We always talk about that every time we see each other. I'm looking forward to playing with Ryan Roberson and Luke Poehlmann because they're from Brenham. There's a lot of guys I'm excited to hang with.

HN: What do you think of the fact you're part of Manny Diaz's first full recruiting class at Texas? This was Diaz's first chance to pick out guys he wants, and you were one of them.

TC: We're like coach Diaz's guinea pigs. He gets to develop us. We're fresh in the new scheme. He's starting clean with us so we get to grow and get used to it. We don't have to switch over and learn something totally new in less than a year. We get four years to get better and better in his system. I think that's going to make us better.

HN: What are your expectations for this season and this Texas team?

TC: I see 10 wins and I see big bowl games in the future. It's just the fact that all of us need to reach our potential as players and combine that with chemistry. That's when things get rolling. That's when you win games. A lot of people wonder why some teams don't win. I feel like it's all about chemistry. Once we get clicking, that's when you play at your best.

HN: Right now, you and Malcom are the big men on campus at Brenham. When you go to college, you start back at the bottom as the new kids on the team, living in a new city and a new situation. What do you think about that?

TC: All my life I've been trying to prove myself in football. Going back to my sophomore year, I had to make a name for myself. In college, well, I did it before so I know I can do it again. I'll start from the ground up.