Kendall Sanders Q&A

While starring as a DB in high school, Kendall Sanders will likely be a WR at Texas. John Albright/Icon SMI

Editor's note: Before Texas' 2012 recruiting class arrives on campus, HornsNation will talk with each of the incoming freshman one more time before their college careers begin.

All Kendall Sanders had to do was bat the balls out of harm's way at the U.S. Army All-American Game and everything would be hunky-dory heading to Texas.

But he didn't feel like proving right the adage that defensive backs can't catch, so he picked off two passes on a national stage and made things confusing for himself.

You see, Sanders was a cornerback in that game and was ranked as the No. 13 cornerback in the 2012 class. Yet, he's supposed to go to Texas as a wide receiver, which he hasn't played very much of in his career.

Is that the right move on his end, and has he ever thought twice about decommitting from Oklahoma State?

HornsNation: There's been plenty of argument/discussion about what position you will play as a Longhorn. What do you think it will be: a defensive back, which you shined as during the U.S. Army All-American Game, or, a receiver, which is what you were recruited as?

KS: Wide receiver. That's what they've told me.

HN: Is that where you want to play?

KS: I just want to get on the field. Whatever I can do to help the team. But I guess I would choose slot [receiver] because I love offense. But I do want to go to the next level and that might be as a defensive back. I'm just trusting the coaches to put me in the right spot.

HN: Did Texas ever recruit you as a defensive back?

KS: There was a little time in the beginning that they did, but that didn't last too long.

HN: Why will you work out as a receiver?

KS: My speed and I am able to catch the ball. I believe that I can do the same things that [Jaxon] Shipley does. I should be able to separate myself from defensive backs.

HN: You didn't play much wide receiver in high school, so you are still pretty raw at the position aren't you?

KS: Yes I am but I've really been working hard at it. I've been catching 100 to 150 balls each day, working on my footwork too. I have a machine up there at the school that I use. I just got that machine up to 50 miles per hour.

HN: What's it like having a football coming toward you at 50 MPH?

KS: It's scary. I have to catch at least 50 balls in a row before I stop.

HN: Has there ever been a moment since you signed with Texas that you questioned your decision to decommit from Oklahoma State?

KS: No sir. I have never thought about it. I prayed about it.

HN: How is your relationship with the other receivers coming in with you in Cayleb Jones and Marcus Johnson?

KS: I've become really close with Cayleb. I think the three of us can be really hard to stop. I'm just really excited to get in the system and show people what I can do.

HN: What are your expectations for this upcoming season?

KS: I want to become a starter.

HN: Texas brings back a lot of receivers. How are you going to approach trying to earn playing time with those guys already in place?

KS: I feel like I'm the underdog so I am just going to be a sponge and soak it all in. I'm going to take everything that Coach [Darrell] Wyatt tells me and work hard at.

HN: How good of a receiver do you think you can be considering you really haven't played that much of it?

KS: I think I can be pretty darn good. I've never just been coached at one position before so I think I can do some great things.