Malcom Brown Q&A

At 290 pounds, Malcom Brown will bring power and speed to the Longhorns' defensive line. Davide De Pas for ESPN.com

Editor's note: Before Texas' 2012 recruiting class arrives on campus, HornsNation will talk with each of the incoming freshman one more time before their college careers begin.

Malcom Brown became the nation's No. 12 ranked recruit by playing like a man among boys at Brenham High School. Now the 6-foot-2, 290-pound defensive tackle has the opportunity to do the same – and do so right away – at Texas.

HornsNation sat down with Brown and fellow UT signee Tim Cole at Brenham High to talk about their future at Longhorns. Here's part two of that interview, on the impact Brown plans to make at Texas and why he tries to keep his football and off-the-field lives separates.

HornsNation: Tim, tell me about Malcom Brown and what you think he's going to do at Texas?

Tim Cole: Malcom is going to turn some heads, I know that. He's going to drop some jaws. When he comes in, you expect a lot out of Malcom. He's going to exceed all the expectations.

HN: You saw Texas' defensive line battle at the spring game. Do you see Malcom playing right away?

TC: Oh I definitely see him playing right away. With his skill set, you don't see that athleticism with most defensive linemen. At times, he plays like a skill guy. A skill guy wrapped in a big guy's body. Some of the stuff he does is ridiculous.

HN: What do you think about the prospect of living with him in Austin?

TC: It's going to be interesting. When we hang out he's crazy now. Living with him is going to be even crazier. We're going to have some fun. I feel like he'll be all right. Hopefully he's not too messy.

HN: What's Malcom's best trait as a defensive lineman?

TC: I'd say his speed. His speed fools you. You think he's just going to overpower you. The next minute, he gets past you.

HN: What's the funniest thing you've ever seen him do on the football field?

TC: That's hard, Malcom does a lot of funny things. His conversations on the field during games are crazy. Like I remember one time we were playing Magnolia West and he called out the running back. He said, 'Hey you! I'm gonna get you!'

And then, as soon as the play goes, he tackles him in the backfield for a loss. And he fumbled. It was ridiculous. We had just fumbled and Malcom had told the guy he was going to fumble the ball. I feel like the running back got scared. I was like, 'Whoa, Malcom.'

HN: Your coach at Brenham, Glen West, told me he thinks Malcom could make an impact in goal-line packages on offense at Texas. Do you agree?

TC: Oh yeah. Put him at tight end. Let him catch the ball. His hands are pretty good.

HN: Malcom, have you watched any film of the guys who in your freshman class?

Malcom Brown: Outside of football, I really don't get into football too much. I don't want to be obsessed with it. I want to get on the field, do what I've got to do and get off the field. When I get on the field, I'm a whole different person than when I'm off it.

I basically have two personalities. When I'm on the field, it's straight business. I'm gonna get it. Off the field, I'm all jokes. I don't watch any sports outside of football. When I get home, I fix me a bowl a cereal, lay in bed and watch me some "Dragon Ball Z" or something.

I don't watch no sports. I feel like if I watch too much of it I'll get bored and tired of it. I love football, but I'm not watching football every day. On the field, I'm a leader and I'll get mad when I have to. Outside the field, you'll never know when I'm serious. That's just how I am.

HN: You're at 290 pounds now. What have you been doing to stay in shape this spring so you're ready for summer ball?

MB: I've just been running a lot. I want to go in there in top shape. I life a little here and there, but not too much. When it comes down to running and conditioning and tempo, I'll be able to get in and go whenever they want me to.

HN: Are you looking forward to getting in Bennie Wylie's weight room this summer and getting to work?

MB: I can't wait. I just really want to go there and get in with him. I mean, just look at how small he is. Man. He's just so huge. He's always working out.

TC: I tell him every time I see him, 'I'm trying to get like you.' He's huge. When I went in there for the spring game and got my revised workout for the last eight weeks of school, he was in there and just took his shirt off. It was like … you know how you draw pictures of cartoons with those "Dragon Ball Z" muscles? It's like that.

MB: I remember when I went down there, the first time I met him he was wearing a sweatshirt. He was heading to the weight room. We walked in there and my uncle was like, 'Man, look at this little dude.' I was like, 'This is a different person right here.'

HN: You don't have many weeks left here at Brenham. After this, you're a freshman again and you have to start all over. How do you feel about that?

MB: It just gets me excited. I have something to prove again. I've got a lot to prove now. In high school we played people who weren't as talented as us. When we go to college, the talent is so much better. We've got to show up now.