Texas QB tandem can't solve Oklahoma

DALLAS -- David Ash and Case McCoy split time at quarterback.

Now the question that lingers is whether they're going to split the fan base or even the team.

When adversity strikes, and it definitely struck Saturday, a team usually looks to one leader to carry it through. Texas doesn't have that one leader on offense. It has Ash and McCoy, feeling their way through the playbook and finding their way in the huddle.

"Our plan has been good up to this point," Texas co-offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin said. "What we have done has worked well. We have to go back and figure out why it didn't work well and reevaluate."

There is lots of room for interpretation when it comes to the word reevaluate. But, for the time being, Texas appears to still be married to both quarterbacks, for better or worse. The pair split time under center against Oklahoma. The mistakes were evenly distributed as well. Ash had two picks, one for a touchdown. McCoy had a fumble that was returned for a touchdown. Neither was able to successfully move the ball.

"As quarterbacks, we have to get rid of the ball and make quicker reads," Ash said.

There will not be a quick read on the Texas quarterback situation. Harsin, for all his seemingly impulsive trick play calling, is a measured and studied coach. He will not make any move until he has had time to watch film and reflect.

"Both those guys have practiced well and deserved to play," Harsin said. "Tonight, it would not have mattered what the formula was because of the turnover situation.

"You don't want to go back and look at what you are doing and throw everything out of the window when really the main issue in the game was the turnovers."

What will help Texas is figuring out how to handle more speed on defense.

"Young or not, that speed on defense is tough for any quarterback out there," Harsin said. "Those guys played fast. For everybody, the entire offense, the speed of the game was increased, and you will learn from that.

"We have to learn from it and understand that is going to be the type of speed you are going to be playing against."

Texas also is learning more and more which quarterback does what well. Clearly Ash has the better arm. But McCoy might be the better decision maker. Anyone remember Chris Simms/Major Applewhite? This scenario has some of the same overtones. However, up to this point the coaching staff has been able to corral questions and egos. A large part of that is because Texas had won.

Now the Longhorns have lost, the real scrutiny will start.

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