Rules - Orientation

Rookie Orientation is the best way for a green FGA owner to get acquainted with their new ESPN Fantasy Golf 2002 (FGA'02) team. So, let's get down to business.

Welcome to FGA'02 and congratulations on your new team! If you have never played a fantasy game before, or are new to the internet, trying to figure out what to do with your new team is a bit like trying to pure a 2 iron off hardpan. But unlike the intricacies of hitting with the butter knife, the game is straightforward and within the realm of understanding once you know the tricks of the trade. So let's get underway with a quick synopsis of how FGA'02 works.

You've just bought your team
Ok, now what? You've just taken your first look at the front page of the game and you don't know where to go. Well, you've come to the right place. The first thing to do is the read the Rules. While it's possible to muddle your way through without reading the Rules, you're bound to miss something crucial to getting your team ready for the season. So, before firing off an e-mail to the Commish's Office, give the Rules a couple of introductory waggles.

So you've read the rules...
Now we're talking. Having read about the Live Draft, ranking your golfers, preparing your team for a draft, joining a group, and everything else, you probably know your way around the links, but let's go over the whole procedure anyways.

Signing in
If you've already logged in to another ESPN fantasy game, your teams will be linked from the FGA'02 front page. If you have not logged in, then look right under the Fantasy Golf logo on the front page and you'll see a place to enter and submit your username and password. Once you've done that, you can click on your team's name to enter your pre-season team page. You can recover your password, recover your member name, or change your basic account information at Member Services.

Team page

From this page are links to a number of vital Fantasy Golf start-up procedures:

  • Name your team- pick a good one.

  • View the group directory- allows your team to join or create a group. Each group has its own scoring method (Modified Rotisserie or Head-to-Head), draft method (Single-list or Live), and draft date. Each team takes on the characteristics of the group. Groups can be public, meaning that anyone can join, or private, in which case a password is required to join.

  • Edit Personal Profile- everyone who plays gets a profile page which allows other owners to learn about them. ESPN will automatically display icons for all games that a user has played, as well as Fantasy Notes which indicate whether the person has won a league championship, been awarded the Tobin Cup for submitting an article, or been named Owner of the Week.
    Each user is also encouraged to update their personal bio, which supports HTML code. Think of it as your own web page which you are free to edit yourself. Click on your name next to "Owner" will bring you to your profile page.

    If you've done all of these things, you are ready to draft your team and begin the FGA season. Remember, if you are in the independent team pool, you must mark your team as ready for the draft. Teams can always mark themselves as unready if they want to alter their draft lists.


    The draft process differs according to draft method, of which there are two:
    Single-list, and

    List groups:

    There are multiple draft days for List groups. This allows you to choose a draft date that's convenient for your drafting strategy. If you don't plan to study up on who's hot and who's not until the last minute, we suggest a draft date near the beginning of the FGA'02 season on April 11. Note that the final draft date will be April 10, 2002. All FGA'02 teams drafted prior to the start of the Masters on April 11 will be eligible for overall prizes.

    Team owners have until Midnight Pacific Time prior to their draft day to alter their draft rankings. Drafts will be run sometime during the date listed and team owners will be notified via e-mail when their team has been drafted. Owners do not need to be online for their drafts.

    Live Draft groups:

    Teams taking part in a Live Draft have various times and days when their draft begins. The specific time and day is listed on the Group Page. For more information on Live Drafts, please take a look at the Draft FAQ.

    Once your draft has been run, things start getting exciting. Now you've got a team of your own. It has your name, and is populated by the golfers you ranked and/or picked in the draft.

    The Regular Season

    Now that you've got your team, you'll want to tweak it to your own specifications. Initially, each team will draft 8 golfers onto their team: There is a maximum of 4 active rostes slots per each round of a tournament and a minumum of 0. Owners are required to record a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 rounds each tournament. Your final tournament score is the sum of all your active golfers' score versus par for each round of the tournament These rules will be explained more clearly when you access the active roster portion of the rules set. It's likely that you will want to drop and add a golfer to your team through the use of waivers, free agency, or a trade.

    Waivers- simply a holding tank for golfers that are new to a league's free-agent pool. See the Waiver Walkthrough.

    Free Agency- a holding tank for all golfers who are not on a fantasy team and who have already spent 48 hours on waivers. These golfers can be picked up on a first come first served basis before the start of play each tournament (generally Thursday) and at the conclusion of each tournament (generally Monday).

    Trading- teams in the same league are free to trade at will. And when a really bad trade gets accepted in your league, you can protest it and bring it up for review by the League Office. See the Trade Walkthrough, Trade Acceptance Walkthrough, and Trade FAQ for all of the details.


    Well, there you have it, the basics of the game. The draft, waivers, free agency, and trades. Once you master those things, the rest of the game is a breeze. Although there's much, much more to report about FGA'02, we don't want to appear too long-winded, and besides, it's all linked to the front page. One place you won't want to miss is Help, where a frequently asked questions section, game links, and a Commissioner mailbag are found in one place.

    Good luck and remember, fairways and greens!