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Early exits

The Eliminator: Who is already out of the playoff race?

Texas helped knock USC out of the playoff race, but the Trojans aren't alone among big-name programs, with Florida State, Nebraska and TCU joining them.

Eliminated? How FSU and other big-name programs will rebuild

Here's how five high-profile teams knocked out by the Eliminator are doing on the recruiting trail as they look ahead to next season.


The best -- and worst -- of the college football season so far

Alabama got better, new coaches got humbled and Dan Mullen got down. We're one-third of the way through the season, so let's review what's happened.

Turnover Chainsaws, mascots in pain and the rest of a weird month in CFB

The explosion of turnover trinkets, a rewind of all the crazy plays, intense UCF fans and a Colorado mascot's unfortunate T-shirt cannon malfunction.

Chip Kelly, Scott Frost and first-year coaches in the worst situations

Behold, the "bare cupboard" rankings. When new coaches struggle, you often hear how bad the situation they inherited was. Here's who can make that excuse.

CFP Potential

Ranking the conferences by current CFP potential

Through four weeks of play, we're starting to get a clearer picture of what each conference needs to happen the rest of way to get a representative into the playoff.

Wesley Hitt, Getty Images

College football bowl projections after Week 4

Can Ohio State not just make the playoff but reach the CFP title game? One of our bowl experts thinks so with Urban Meyer back on the sideline.

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Players to watch

  • Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire
  • The breakout player for each Top 25 team

    From high-profile recruits finally getting a chance to shine to some under-the-radar gems, these are the players exceeding expectations for the nation's top teams.