The best games of next year's opening weekend

Auburn Tigers - 68d

UCF ends year ranked 6th by AP; Bama No. 1

Alabama Crimson Tide - 68d

TE Andrews leaving Sooners for NFL draft

Oklahoma Sooners - 72d

Smith to Ohio State among UA game commits

Ohio State Buckeyes - 72d

Oklahoma left tackle Brown declares for draft

Oklahoma Sooners - 73d

Dear NFL, please let Baker be Baker

Oklahoma Sooners - 74d

Baker Mayfield runs out of magic in classic Rose Bowl

Oklahoma Sooners - 75d

Georgia's dominant ground game, resurgent D overcome Sooners in 2OT thriller

Georgia Bulldogs - 75d

UGA LB to Mayfield after win: 'Humble yourself'

Oklahoma Sooners - 75d

Mayfield laments leaving OU without title

Oklahoma Sooners - 75d

How to watch the College Football Playoff semifinals on ESPN

Georgia Bulldogs - 75d

NFL draft prospects to watch in Monday's bowl games

Auburn Tigers - 76d

Where's Baker? Oklahoma QB hops out of bed to prove he's ready for CFP

Oklahoma Sooners - 76d

QB Mayfield: 'Flu-like' symptoms won't stop him

Oklahoma Sooners - 78d

Air Raid acolytes unite to root for Oklahoma to win it all

Oklahoma Sooners - 78d

Mayfield no-show again; Dawgs covet matchup

Oklahoma Sooners - 78d

Georgia judge delays court date for Rose Bowl

Georgia Bulldogs - 79d

Ill Mayfield practices, but again misses function

Oklahoma Sooners - 79d

Sooner takes issue with criticism of OU defense

Oklahoma Sooners - 79d

College football's brightest star hits the game's biggest stage

Oklahoma Sooners - 80d
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