Cavs give Zizic OK to head to Croatia for WC final

Cleveland Cavaliers - 71d

Lue to pass LeBron torch to Walton over meal

Cleveland Cavaliers - 76d

Altman: LeBron's decision brought 'level of hurt'

Cleveland Cavaliers - 78d

Cavs sign top pick Sexton to rookie contract

Cleveland Cavaliers - 80d

Reports: Jeff Green agrees to deal with Wizards

Washington Wizards - 81d

Down town: Cleveland rues LeBron's move to L.A.

Cleveland Cavaliers - 82d

Cleveland set to remove iconic LeBron banner

Cleveland Cavaliers - 82d

5-on-5: LeBron's legacy, Kawhi trades and title favorites

Golden State Warriors - 83d

Lowe: What LeBron's departure means for the Cavs

Cleveland Cavaliers - 83d

LA-Bron: James, Lakers agree to 4-year deal

Los Angeles Lakers - 83d

Sources: 76ers to meet with LeBron reps in L.A.

Philadelphia 76ers - 83d

Sources: LeBron gets call from Altman on Day 1

Cleveland Cavaliers - 84d

All the places LeBron James could take his talents in July

Boston Celtics - 85d

LeBron declines option, to enter free agency

Cleveland Cavaliers - 85d

Lowe: LeBron, Paul George and more league-shaping free-agency madness

Cleveland Cavaliers - 86d

LeBron's choice could test jersey swap program

Cleveland Cavaliers - 86d

NBA predictions: Where will LeBron, Paul George and Kawhi play next?

Cleveland Cavaliers - 86d

Sources: Lakers, Spurs reopen talks on Kawhi

Los Angeles Lakers - 87d

Sources: Cavaliers to pick up Perkins' option

Cleveland Cavaliers - 87d

Jefferson jokes he's not LeBron's friend now

Cleveland Cavaliers - 87d
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