Lara opens new ground in Uganda

A new cricket ground has been built in Mbarara, the south west of Uganda, which was opened by Brian Lara. The former West Indies batsman later gave training tips to cricketers from Ntare School, Uganda Martyrs Primary School and the Asian Community in Mbarara.

Talent accounts for only ten percent, the rest you have to have love for the game and practice [sic]," Lara told the Daily Monitor. "I begun at an early age and by eighteen years I was already [a] star."

Ntare school s deputy headmaster, Eliab Tumushabe, took the opportunity to remind the world that cricket remains quite out of reach for many in Uganda.

"The cricket equipment is very expensive and the game has many technicalities," he told the newspaper. "The old boys who played the game in the good days should come back and revive that glory."