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Who are the top reserves in the country?

Count Duke's Marques Bolden among the players who could come off the bench next season and make a significant impact for the nation's top teams.

Villar goes deep twice against Rangers (0:32)
Is Romo the next Bledsoe? (1:24)

Lineup: Rangers (92-64) vs. Brewers (70-86)

  • 1. Carlos Gomez, LF (R)
  • 2. Ian Desmond, CF (R)
  • 3. Carlos Beltran, DH (S)
  • 4. Adrian Beltre, 3B (R)
  • 5. Rougned Odor, 2B (L)
  • 6. Jonathan Lucroy, C (R)
  • 7. Mitch Moreland, 1B (L)
  • 8. Nomar Mazara, RF (L)
  • 9. Elvis Andrus, SS (R)
  • SP: Martin Perez, LHP
Tim Hasselbeck all in on Prescott (1:40)
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Choo progressing toward return?

Shin-Soo Choo (forearm) is headed to Arizona to take part in instructional league games in hopes that he can return to the Rangers as soon as this weekend. Dallas Morning News

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Australian Andrew Bogut said he's learned about social issues related to recent national anthem protests during his years in the NBA. "Being around obviously a lot of African-American teammates, I've kind of been more and more educated about it throughout my career. In the same sense, it's hard for me. America's been a place that's let me live my dream and play NBA basketball at the highest level, make a boatload of money doing what I love doing. I understand from the African-American point of view, my teammates' point of view, if they didn't want to stand and [chose to] be a part of that kind of protest. At the same time, I'm thankful. America's provided a lot for me, so it's a tough one for me [because] I'm very supportive of my teammates."

Todd Archer ESPN Staff Writer 

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys are still evaluating wide receiver Dez Bryant (knee) and guard La'el Collins (toe). He did not have the results of the MRIs of either player.

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Harrison Barnes: "In terms of his message, I support what [Colin Kaepernick is] standing for. The persecution of black people is never an easy topic to talk about. It makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and there does need to be change about that. I'm definitely in accordance with him on that. In terms of the whole national anthem protest, I think that's an individual thing. We as a team haven't decided what we're going to do on that. As Dirk said earlier, whatever we do, we're going to do in unity. But there definitely needs to be change."

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Dirk Nowitzki on national anthem protests: "Everybody has freedom of speech in this country. That's why we all love this country. I think it's definitely started a discussion. As preseason goes along, we'll have meetings with the team about stuff, what we want to do or how we can contribute to making this world a better place. We'll come up with a solution. I think if we do something, the whole team has to be on the same page. We'll go from there, but it's definitely something that has started a discussion in every locker room, and that's probably a good thing."

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Dirk Nowitzki on retiring rival Kevin Garnett: "KG and I had a few battles just because he was so intense, and he was a competitor, the fiercest competitor. He always wanted to win, always wanted to get an edge on you early. He tried to intimidate you at times, but that was just his style. I have nothing but respect for him and what he did for this league. He was probably one of the best all-around players this league has ever seen. ... It's been fun to compete against him. At times, we got into it a little bit, but it's just because both guys wanted to win. That was his style – intensity. He had a passion for the game that was incredible."

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Mavs SG Wesley Matthews looks sleek compared to last season. "I'm down probably eight pounds, and a lot of it is just being able to train," said Matthews, who was recovering from a ruptured Achilles' tendon a year ago. "You've got to understand that at this time last year, I wasn't able to run, wasn't able to move around."

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Bears among CFB's 'other guys'

Baylor is among a group of teams crashing the College Football Playoff picture in what Ryan McGee calls the "The Rise of the Other Guys." These teams are a rung below the big brand names that can and will push them in the playoff hunt. Flipping the field

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Andrew Bogut said he "would have asked for a buyout" if traded to a team other than the Mavs. ESPN.com reported in July that the Warriors presented the big man the option of being traded to the Mavs or Rockets. Bogut declined to specifically discuss the Houston possibility. "I like Dallas," he said

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

Andrew Bogut dismisses concerns about increasing his minutes. "I've never had an injury from playing too many minutes," Bogut said. "It's always been car-wreck type of collisions. I've walked under too many ladders, I guess."

Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer 

How much will Harrison Barnes watch the Warriors this season? "Zero," he said, emphasizing the point by forming an O with his right hand.