Jerry Jones: 'Tools' for title game

IRVING, Texas -- Jerry Jones badly wants Cowboys Stadium to host the first championship in college football's new four-team playoff.

"We think we've got the tools to make it the best place to have that game," the Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager said Monday. "It certainly would put us on the incentive plan to do the best job financially as well as from an execution standpoint that we could possibly do."

A decision is expected to be announced Wednesday, according to Jones. The BCS commissioners are meeting this week in Pasadena, Calif.

North Texas and Tampa were the only communities to submit bids for the Jan. 12, 2015, title game.

Cowboys Stadium, which opened in 2009 and cost $1.2 billion to build, has hosted Super Bowl XLV and the NBA All-Star Game in 2010, and will host the NCAA Final Four next year.

It has hosted numerous college football games and has been the home of the AT&T Cotton Bowl since 2010.

"If given the opportunity, we want to make that venue appropriate to [having] the first college championship under the new system," Jones said. "It would be a great opportunity for us and one that we would give everything that we have as an organization to be the best."