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  • Remodeled Mavs ready to 'go for it'

    An improbable three-step remodeling has provided a real title hope for the Dallas Mavericks.

    Mavs' draft could have foreign flair

    Mavs could stash a foreign developmental player in the draft to keep cap flexibility.

    Dallas Cowboys draft report card

    ESPNDallas.com grades the Dallas Cowboys' selections for the 2013 NFL draft.

    Cowboys 2013 staff predictions

    ESPN Dallas season predictions: Breaking down the Cowboys' 2013 schedule.

    Mavs in need of a talent infusion

    Mark Cuban & Co. must figure out how to fill the voids left by their Dallas departures.

    Thunder's rise justifies Mavs' plan

    Mavericks' post-title plan was worth risk in order to keep up with rising Thunder.

    Jerry Jones ignoring the real issue

    If Jerry Jones was serious about change at Valley Ranch, he'd be looking for a new GM.

    Tony Romo still Cowboys' best option

    Frustration aside, Cowboys don't have a better alternative to Tony Romo at QB.

    Cowboys whiff on RG III window

    Cowboys missed chance to beat gimpy RG III, who should haunt them for years.

    Darren Collison's chance to shine

    Mavs need to commit to Darren Collison to allow him to become impact player they need.

    Jerry Jones can't squash speculation

    Jerry Jones might be tempted by Sean Payton if Jason Garrett misses the playoffs.

    Jason Garrett stays the course

    Jason Garrett stuck to his process and the Cowboys are finally showing progress.

    Dez Bryant proves core value

    Dez Bryant has earned the right to be considered a crucial part of the Cowboys' core.

    Mavs' O.J. Mayo leaves door open

    Mavericks' O.J. Mayo hits road bump against Celtics on way to developing into closer.

    O.J. Mayo soars on his own trajectory

    Mavericks bank on O.J. Mayo flying farther than Jason Terry did.

    Brandon Carr hoists a heavy heart

    Cowboys CB Brandon Carr impresses in light of two tragic incidents.

    Rob Ryan should let big dogs eat

    Cowboys defenders Anthony Spencer, DeMarcus Ware need to dominate.

    Dez Bryant 'just getting started'

    Dez Bryant among biggest reasons why playoff hopes still in Cowboys' grasp

    Eagles least of Cowboys' concerns

    Cowboys have better NFC East rivals to worry about than Eagles.

    Jason Garrett isn't justifying faith

    Jerry Jones' faith in Jason Garrett may be wavering after latest debacle.

    Dez Bryant living up to the hype

    It's been a lifelong learning process, but Cowboys WR Dez Bryant is finally getting it.

    Jason Kidd merits hero's welcome

    Mavericks fans, Mark Cuban must disregard Jason Kidd's hasty exit and cheer his return as member of Knicks.

    Dallas Cowboys can't lose appetite

    Columnist module

    O.J. Mayo gets schooled in success

    Mavericks' O.J. Mayo learning tough lessons that come with winning, responsibility.

    Cowboys must feast on cupcakes

    Dallas Cowboys had better feast on cupcakes during soft portion of schedule.

    Mavs upgrade thanks to Jason Kidd

    Mavericks benefit from Jason Kidd's departure, which paved way for Darren Collison

    Put-up or shut-up time for Cowboys

    Cowboys are about to get a test in character with Jason Garrett feeling the heat.

    It's time to fire the man in the mirror

    Cowboys' sense of self-entitlement starts with owner/GM that isn't doing his jobs.

    Dez Bryant cancels himself out

    Cowboys see Dez Bryant's big gaffes trump his potential in loss to Giants.

    Mavs' chemistry stale without Dirk

    Mavericks' new chemistry could grow stale with Dirk Nowitzki out of action.

    Cowboys' hopes alive but unrealistic

    Beating Carolina doesn't hide the fact that the Cowboys aren't a playoff team.

    Jason Garrett trending the wrong way

    Jason Garrett talks the talk, but results don't support his progress as coach.

    It's time for Dez Bryant to pay off

    It's time for consistency to replace off-field problems as Dez Bryant's focus.

    Cowboys' home is everybody's home

    Cowboys Stadium hospitality neutralizes Dallas' home-field advantage.

    Cowboys' defense covers for offense

    Cowboys' improved D means it's time to take Jason Garrett's offense to task.

    Cowboys: All style, no substance

    Cowboys stripped of dignity, exposed for what they are after loss to Bears.

    Mike Jenkins taking smart approach

    Mike Jenkins is being a good soldier to help the Cowboys and cash in later.

    Jason Witten is a mental mess

    Tight end Jason Witten can't seem to shake spleen injury from his mind.

    Cowboys football is simply average

    Season's up-and-down ride is epitome of modern-day Cowboys football.

    Talent oozes from Cowboys' offense

    Cowboys' skills on offense best since Triplets era, but health poses challenge.

    Cowboys' D delivers for Rob Ryan

    Improved personnel allows Rob Ryan to deliver on promise of attacking defense.

    Jason Garrett learning on the job

    Despite hiccups, Cowboys confident Jason Garrett is growing as head coach.

    Orlando Scandrick must step up

    Mike Jenkins is a wild card, so Orlando Scandrick must step up his game.

    Tony Romo deepens receiver depth

    As long as reserve receivers are reliable, Tony Romo can turn them into stars.

    Be patient with Morris Claiborne

    Despite hype (ahem, Jerry), expectations for Morris Claiborne should be tempered.

    Jerry stuck in Jimmy's shadow

    Jerry Jones needs a Super Bowl win to escape Jimmy Johnson's shadow.

    Giant obsession drives Cowboys

    A Giant obsession keeps the Cowboys motivated to surpass their rivals.

    It's ring or (no) bust for Tony Romo

    Unlike DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten, Tony Romo's legacy depends on title.

    Sean Lee has the complete package

    Sean Lee a shining model of what Penn State program used to represent.

    Bryant: Mum on mom won't work long

    It may be up to Roger Goodell to judge when, if Dez must discuss allegations.

    Cowboys are Tony Romo's team

    There's no questioning Tony Romo's leadership following Dez Bryant situation.

    Judge Rangers, Mavs on level field

    That anger about Tyson Chandler? Save some in case Josh Hamilton walks.

    Mavs' moves keep the dream alive

    Mavs' rapid reconstruction could help them land Dwight Howard or Chris Paul.

    Bar is set high for Dez Bryant

    Mailbag: The bar is set high for receiver Dez Bryant because he's so talented.

    DeMarcus Ware needs to be leader

    DeMarcus Ware sets the standard for the Cowboys, but he also must enforce it.

    Mike Jenkins needs to focus on play

    Cowboys CB Mike Jenkins needs to make best of situation instead of pouting.

    Brandon Carr's work ethic impresses

    Cowboys CB Brandon Carr impresses with his work ethic as much as his talent.

    Rob Ryan pumps up Cowboys D

    Personnel changes may allow Cowboys DC Rob Ryan to back up boasting.

    Can Jason Garrett get up to speed?

    If the Cowboys are ready to win now, Jason Garrett must improve quickly.

    Dirk Nowitzki needs to take backseat

    Mavs need leading man to carry team so aging Dirk can embrace supporting role.

    Mavericks collapse without support

    The Mavs' flameout shows the need for an elite player to pair with Dirk Nowitzki.

    Mavs have nothing to hang hat on

    Mavericks' season of wishful thinking complicates 0-3 deficit to Thunder.

    Mavericks need a miracle vs. OKC

    It's looking bleak, but don't expect the Mavericks to go down without a fight.

    Mavs, Thunder have real rivalry

    The Mavericks and Thunder are developing another Red River rivalry.

    Kevin Durant embracing closer role

    Kevin Durant's quest for title may not take long if he can be consistent closer.

    Which team has the edge?

    We break down the first-round matchups between the Mavs and Thunder.

    Yu Darvish delivers on promise

    Yu Darvish gives reason to believe the hype in dominating outing vs. Yankees.

    Cowboys' D has lots of draft needs

    The Cowboys have plenty of draft needs on the defensive side of the ball.

    Lamar Odom's tired act had to end

    Lamar Odom will go down as one of biggest disgraces in Dallas sports history.

    Shawn Marion building his legacy

    Shawn Marion continues to build his legacy with dominant fourth quarter.

    Delonte West yields 3-for-1 value

    Mavs look beyond Delonte West's rough edges, net one of season's best bargains.

    Mavs' priority is getting healthy

    Mavs could use momentum and continuity, but staying fresh is key.

    Mavericks bring playoff game face

    Mavericks play with playoff urgency in overtime win over scrappy Rockets.

    Lamar Odom can only hurt Mavericks

    It's never going to work out for Lamar Odom with the Mavericks.

    Simple fact is Mavs must play better

    Whether Mavs are planning for next season or not, they need to play better.

    Mavs shouldn't be counted out

    The Mavs endured a wretched stretch, but it's premature to count them out.

    Dirk Nowitzki delivers in the clutch

    Dirk Nowitzki showed good things happen in crunch time when he gets the ball.

    Lamar Odom still has much to prove

    Lamar Odom still has much to prove the remainder of the season in Dallas.

    Tony Mitchell creating buzz at UNT

    Tony Mitchell is bound to be UNT's first NBA player, it's just a matter of when.

    Jerry Jones has no grip on reality

    Jerry Jones delusional to think Cowboys have talent to contend for Super Bowl.

    Lamar Odom can be key as 8th man

    Lamar Odom might not put up big numbers, but he can be key 8th man.

    Jason Kidd's minutes key for Mavericks

    Mavs need Jason Kidd charged and ready to have a shot at repeating title run.

    Vince Carter proving key to Mavs' core

    Mavs' Vince Carter has been at his best when he has his back to the basket.

    46 reasons Cowboys aren't in SB XLVI

    Breaking down 46 reasons why the Cowboys aren't in Super Bowl XLVI.

    Dallas has mental mojo over OKC

    The Mavericks stand in the Thunder's way of a potential dynasty.

    Greatest Dallas Cowboys of all time

    There are plenty of Cowboys greats, but we had to rank the top 50.

    Lamar Odom finally has reason to smile

    Headed toward a possible break, Lamar Odom instead had a breakthrough.

    Dirk Nowitzki key to this season, beyond

    The Mavs need Dirk to revert to form for the sake of this season and beyond.

    Mark Cuban was smart in free agency

    Mark Cuban was right on target with the smart moves he made in free agency.

    Spud Webb more than dazzling dunks

    Spud Webb overcame doubts and his size to carve out a successful NBA career.

    Mavs' plan is to survive and thrive

    The Mavs will endure some ugly regular-season moments to peak in playoffs.

    Jason Garrett is making excuses

    Jason Garrett making excuses by suggesting this was a rebuilding year.

    Terence Newman can't cut it anymore

    Terence Newman finished off an ugly stretch run with another poor effort.

    Mavs willing to clean up their mess

    The Mavs are putting in the work to clean up their early-season mess.

    Tony Romo has to be great vs. Giants

    Tony Romo has been among the best, but will it be good enough to beat the Giants?

    Glass half empty for Cowboys' defense

    A strong second half doesn't mean this Cowboys defense has figured it out.

    Tony Romo keeps communication open

    Tony Romo makes sure the lines of communication are open with receivers.

    Tony Romo gives Cowboys a shot

    Tony Romo's play gives the Cowboys hope of copying the Pack's Super run.

    Cowboys' D heals vs. woeful Bucs

    The Cowboys' defense needed to dominate the Bucs, and it did just that.

    Cowboys' issue: Players are problem

    Rob Ryan's defense is trending the wrong way at the wrong time for the Cowboys.

    Cuban's approach: Brains over bankroll

    Mavs owner Mark Cuban takes decisive action to retool defending champions.

    DeMarco Murray's absence felt already

    The Cowboys felt the pain of DeMarco Murray's injury during the fourth quarter.

    Rob Ryan not ready to be head coach

    Cowboys' defense isn't making Rob Ryan look good enough to be a head coach.

    Jason Garrett could benefit from help

    Inexperienced head coach Jason Garrett could benefit from some qualified help.

    Jason Garrett burns Cowboys' clutch

    Cowboys' Jason Garrett interrupts shot at heroics from Dan Bailey, Tony Romo.

    Anthony Spencer needs to prove worth

    It's time for Anthony Spencer to prove he's much better than adequate.

    DeMarcus Ware is legend in the making

    DeMarcus Ware is earning his place among Cowboys' defensive legends.

    Mavs will try to keep band together

    A roster analysis shows the Mavs have a chance to keep changes to minimum.

    Cowboys have reason to be confident

    Cowboys can draw on experience to lay the foundation for a playoff run.

    August afterthoughts lead Dallas' surge

    DeMarco Murray and Laurent Robinson have emerged as keys to Cowboys' rise.

    Dez Bryant shows smarts in clutch

    Dez Bryant shows he has brains and brawn with key overtime catch.

    NFC East is Dallas Cowboys' to claim

    Suddenly, the NFC East has become the Dallas Cowboys' division to claim.

    DeMarco Murray levels Cowboys' field

    With Tony Romo relying on DeMarco Murray, Cowboys' balance in full effect.

    DeMarco Murray plays like first-rounder

    DeMarco Murray remains humble despite setting franchise rushing records.

    Hole truth: Cowboys struggling vs. run

    The Cowboys' D-line wasn't pleased after struggling to stop the run again.

    Drew Pearson gets rightful recognition

    Drew Pearson is getting his long overdue recognition in the Ring of Honor.

    DeMarco Murray should be lead horse

    Jason Garrett won't tip his hand, but DeMarco Murray should get bulk of work.

    Cowboys go soft with big strengths

    Cowboys' run defense, passing game turn into weaknesses in blowout loss to Philly.

    Cowboys can relate to Eagles' struggles

    The Eagles' season has a startling similarity to the Cowboys' '10 campaign.

    Dez Bryant recovers in red zone

    Jason Garrett shows confidence -- and smarts -- going back to Dez in red zone.

    Dez Bryant reminds of another No. 88

    Dez Bryant is dangerously close to following in Antonio Bryant's footsteps.

    Cowboys lose their way in red zone

    Jason Garrett's worst mistake is settling for field goals, not settling for punts.

    Cowboys focused on critical situations

    The Cowboys have been at their best and worst in critical moments of games.

    Burnt orange: UT secondary torched

    Texas' secondary was no match for Landry Jones and the Sooners.

    Cowboys change for the better

    The Cowboys' offseason renovation project is yielding positive results.

    Riding out Tony Romo is a journey

    Cowboys must ride out Tony Romo but keep their eyes on the road ahead.

    Calvin Johnson lowers the boom

    Lions WR Calvin Johnson lets his play mark his place while silencing Cowboys.

    Matthew Stafford altering Lions' destiny

    Matthew Stafford brings success to Lions after Curse of Bobby Layne ends.

    Michael Young proud of his roots

    The Rangers' Michael Young traces his success and stature to his upbringing.

    Shallow WR pool almost sinks Cowboys

    Miles Austin's absence was more painful for Tony Romo than his fractured rib.

    Tony Romo story is unfinished thriller

    The book on Tony Romo is still being written, but we know it's a thriller.

    WR Jesse Holley seizes the moment

    Cowboys receiver Jesse Holley seizes the moment when he's needed most.

    Sean Lee displays tools of special player

    Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee has the potential to be a special player.

    Dez Bryant vanishes after dazzling start

    Dez Bryant started with a bang before Darrelle Revis and injuries silenced him.

    Crisis brewing in Cowboys' secondary

    The Cowboys' depth, or lack thereof, at cornerback merits major concern.

    Young guns will trigger Cowboys

    Felix Jones and Dez Bryant must be spectacular for Cowboys to be successful.

    Performance takes center stage

    Jason Garrett's message of accountability comes through loud, clear with Cowboys.

    Draft of '09 begins to burden Cowboys

    The Cowboys are beginning to feel burden of punchless 2009 draft class.

    Orlando Scandrick must earn gig

    The Cowboys would be best served if Orlando Scandrick can be a starter.

    Jason Garrett looks back for motivation

    Jason Garrett uses the Cowboys' tradition of excellence as a tool for motivation.

    Rookie Tyron Smith a quick study

    Cowboys rookie Tyron Smith is a quick learner, but he's getting a lot of help.

    Players must live up to their potential

    The players must live up to their potential if they plan on being a top-10 defense.

    Element of surprise suits Jay Ratliff

    The Cowboys plan to take advantage of Jay Ratliff's versatility on defense.

    Mike Jenkins has plenty to prove

    The Cowboys still have confidence in Mike Jenkins after brutal 2010 season.

    Focused Bryant willing to put in work

    Dez Bryant has all the skills to be great if he's willing to put in the work.

    Mavericks in demand, await supply

    Schedule of in-demand Mavs has plenty in store, but it could all be a fantasy.

    Dirk Nowitzki: 'An amazing journey'

    Mavericks owner, players savor their moment after "amazing journey" to top.

    What will Nowitzki do for an encore?

    Dirk Nowitzki got long-awaited title, but don't expect him to become complacent.

    Review: Grading the Dallas Mavericks

    The final result was world-class, but how did Mavs fare on an individual basis?

    Jason Terry erases bitterness, keeps ink

    Jason Terry's shooting surge wipes away bitterness of '06 with 'sweet vindication.'

    The Mavs look like a team of destiny

    The Mavericks have been written off over and over but never lost faith.

    Nowitzki all about results, not the hype

    The Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki has proven to be the best player in the NBA Finals.

    Mavs show toughness in Game 4 rally

    The Mavs relied on their toughness to key their latest miraculous comeback.

    Some things never change for Mavs

    Some things don't change: Dwyane Wade is still tormenting Mavs in NBA Finals.

    Dirk almost perfect but not good enough

    Dirk was almost perfect in the fourth quarter, but it just wasn't good enough.

    Mavericks' rallies reign supreme

    Mavericks establish themselves as comeback kings during postseason run.

    Welcome to center of sports world

    The NBA Finals is the third leg of the Dallas area's triple crown of sports.

    Mavericks' duo pull off the incredible

    Game 2 rally had to be extra sweet for Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry after '06 flop.

    Mavericks feel Caron Butler's absence

    Mavs' offensive struggles against Heat expose void left by injured Caron Butler.

    2006 Mavs are no match for '11 version

    The 2011 Mavericks are better than the 2006 Finals team in almost every way.

    Mavs rebuilt with savvy moves, luck

    The Mavs combined savvy moves and luck to build their way back to the Finals.

    Mark Cuban hits self-mute button

    Mavs owner Mark Cuban finds that silence is golden during run to NBA Finals.

    Thunder will be a force for a long time

    Mavs need to finish off Thunder, who have the look of a perennial contender.

    Magical rally symbolizes Mavs' run

    The improbable Game 4 rally is symbolic of the Mavericks' magical season.

    Mavs reverse course to road success

    Mavs' fortunes changing thanks to surge that includes four straight road wins.

    Mavericks receive jolt of reality

    Veteran Mavericks stray from plan as Thunder steal home-court advantage.

    Mavs lucky Chandler's on their side

    The Mavs are lucky Tyson Chandler's playing with them, not against them.

    If maturity matters, West is no contest

    Mavericks-Thunder in the Western finals is a major mismatch in experience.

    Recognition for Dirk is long overdue

    Dirk Nowitzki is getting long-overdue recognition as an elite playoff performer.

    It doesn't matter who's next for Mavs

    Thunder or Grizzlies? It's not going to matter if the Mavs stay in this groove.

    Mavs execute their 3-D plan for success

    The Mavs have a 3-D plan for playoff success: Dirk, defense and depth.

    Up 2-0, Mavs shine like champions

    Confident Mavericks display composure as Lakers' dynasty threatens to unravel.

    Mavs stand toe to toe with champs

    These Mavericks have proven that they're tough enough to stand up to the champs.

    Dirk Nowitzki makes chippy Blazers pay

    Dirk Nowitzki dominates in face of physical Trail Blazers as Mavs advance.

    Mavs 2-18 in last 20 on road in playoffs

    Kidd, Mavericks need to prove they can win on the road in the postseason.

    Draft quandary revisits Cowboys at OT

    At OT, Cowboys revisit familiar 'Bold vs. Safe' draft dilemma with first selection.

    Mavs can't escape their playoff demons

    It's hard to argue that these Mavs are different after another playoff meltdown.

    Opportunities evade Shawn Marion

    The Mavs' transition struggles turn Shawn Marion into an offensive afterthought.

    Mavericks' experience paying off late

    The Mavs' experience edge has shown in the fourth quarters of Games 1 and 2.

    Mavs ugly, but effective in Game 1

    The Mavs' defense made the difference in Game 1 when the offense sputtered.

    Challenges mount for Jason Terry

    Jason Terry's burdens include battling Mavs' failures, dealing with personal loss.

    Mavs end trip with a thud in Portland

    The Mavs look tired and out of sync when they should be rounding into playoff form.

    Postseason ghosts start to haunt Mavs

    Mavericks' familiar 'soft' label makes ugly appearance in blowout loss to Lakers.

    Mavs still trying to lose 'soft' label

    The Mavs came out on mission, but insisted 'soft' tag didn't motivate them.

    Tough loss is Mean Green's gain

    UNT's collapse in Sun Belt final keeps Johnny Jones' success under the radar.

    Mavs take foot off Grizzlies' throats

    The Mavericks suffer a painful bite after taking their foot off the Grizzlies' throat.

    Mavericks suffer Finals flashback

    Mavs can't afford to blow late leads if they want to be championship-caliber.

    Talent contest has familiar ring to it

    Talent comparisons show Pack dominates star-studded Cowboys as it did NFL.

    Green Bay's Harrell inspired by father

    Ex-Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell gains perspective after illness strikes father.

    Charles Haley's impact undeniable

    Charles Haley, an impact player on five Super Bowl teams, deserves Hall call.

    Cowboys still own 'America's Team' title

    The Cowboys may not be in this Super Bowl, but they're still America's Team.

    Dirk Nowitzki should take All-Star break

    Dirk Nowitzki should rest during All-Star Weekend and let a young gun step in.

    Cowboys fans aren't pulling for Steelers

    Cowboys fans can't cheer for their team, but they can root against the Steelers.

    Tyson Chandler fights through illness

    Tyson Chandler showed guts fighting illness to help the Mavs end their skid.

    Finding a silver lining for Dirk Nowitzki

    As the Mavericks fall in the standings, Dirk Nowitzki's MVP candidacy rises.

    Jones did right by giving Garrett power

    Jerry Jones' best move may have been stating Jason Garrett will have final say.

    Part 1: Cowboys who should return

    Cowboys roster: Who should stay, who should go, and who's on the bubble.

    Part 2: Cowboys players on the bubble

    Cowboys roster: Who should stay, who should go, and who's on the bubble.

    Part 3: Cowboys players who should go

    Cowboys roster: Who should stay, who should go, and who's on the bubble.

    Caron Butler injury pains Mavericks

    The Mavs may have to wait for Roddy B. to replace Caron Butler's offense.

    Stephen McGee proves his worth

    Stephen McGee's numbers weren't great, but he did make a positive impression.

    Mavs still count on Terry in the clutch

    Jason Terry struggled against the Spurs, but the Mavs have faith in their closer.

    Time to cut ties with Williams, Barber

    Sunday's finale should be Roy Williams and Marion Barber's last as Cowboys.

    Kicking woes fall at Jerry Jones' feet

    Cowboys' David Buehler has been shaky, but Jerry Jones has kept kicker around.

    Tony Romo has room to grow as leader

    Tony Romo's season isn't a total loss if he can gain leadership skills from Jon Kitna.

    Dallas Cowboys defense is offensive

    Rex Grossman provided further evidence the Cowboys D needs a serious overhaul.

    Keith Brooking's impact will be felt

    Keith Brooking mentors Sean Lee even though it could hasten his own departure.

    Cowboys need more from Miles Austin

    Miles Austin may be a nice guy, but the Cowboys are paying him to produce.

    Jason Garrett must identify talent

    Jason Garrett has done well so far as interim coach, but can he evaluate talent?

    The Choice is clear: Go with Tashard

    RB Tashard Choice makes it clear that Cowboys can do without Marion Barber.

    Mavericks big man making big impact

    Turns out the Tyson Chandler deal was much better than originally thought.

    Tashard Choice waiting for his turn

    Cowboys RB Tashard Choice's lack of playing time doesn't make sense.

    New North Texas coach aiming high

    Dan McCarney hopes to take North Texas on the same path as SMU and TCU.

    Rally makes this loss extra painful

    The Cowboys fought back admirably, which made losing hurt even more.

    Jason Garrett knows holiday heroics

    Jason Garrett's finest moment as a Cowboys QB came on Thanksgiving '94.

    Bryan McCann believes he belongs

    Bryan McCann's knack for making plays has earned him his teammates' respect.

    At QB, Jon Kitna has Cowboys' back

    Jon Kitna still produces under center while embracing Cowboys' backup QB role.

    Jason Garrett laying solid foundation

    Jason Garrett is laying a foundation for the Cowboys he can build a future on.

    Dez Bryant taps into his potential

    Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant provides glimpse of bright future against Giants.

    Cowboys midseason report: Humble Pie

    Calvin Watkins, Tim MacMahon and Bryan Broaddus cater the Cowboys some humble pie.

    Jerry Jones did what had to be done

    Jerry Jones sent the right message to the Cowboys by firing Wade Phillips.

    Cowboys just keep getting worse

    When you think it can't get any worse for the Cowboys, they prove you wrong.

    Falling stars puzzle Dallas Cowboys

    The fall from grace for top picks Spencer, Jones and Jenkins has been puzzling.

    Dallas Cowboys should fire Phillips

    Cowboys should fire Phillips and allow butt-kicker DeCamillis to do just that.

    Cowboys sink to historic depths

    The Cowboys' riches-to-rags season is the biggest disgrace in team history.

    Wade Phillips' defense falls from grace

    Wade Phillips' defense has been an epic failure for the Cowboys this season.

    Great moments at Rangers Ballpark

    Here are five days at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington that stand out over the rest.

    Rick Carlisle: 'Team's got a lot to prove'

    Mavs must make a major move before they can legitimately contend for a title.

    Tony Romo, Cowboys left shattered

    Cowboys' postseason hopes fall to pieces with Tony Romo's fractured left clavicle.

    Valley Ranch Triangle clouds Cowboys

    Valley Ranch Triangle has the Cowboys playing like a beautiful bunch of losers.

    Texas Rangers stick to the plan

    If Rangers keep following the plan, fall celebrations could become routine.

    Tony Romo doesn't deserve praise

    Tony Romo deserves blame, not praise, after his INTs sunk the Cowboys.

    O-line becomes Cowboys' albatross

    The Cowboys' offense is being dragged down by its mistake-prone linemen.

    It's not Felix Jones' fault he fell behind

    Felix Jones has been passed by other RBs because the Cowboys hold him back.

    Dallas Cowboys ready to take control

    After a horrible start, the Cowboys are poised to seize control of the division and their playoff destiny.

    OU's Landry Jones second to none

    Oklahoma's Landry Jones stands out in an average Big 12 quarterback field.

    Cowboys' success is in the balance

    The Cowboys' offense thrived with a healthy balance of running and passing.

    Jeremy Beal crafts legacy at OU

    Carrollton's Jeremy Beal makes name for himself among OU defensive greats.

    Humble pie nourishes Cowboys' talent

    Complete effort in Houston serves as reminder of the Cowboys' potential.

    Pocket pressure gets to Landry Jones

    Oklahoma QB Landry Jones will be judged on whether he lives up to the legacies left by predecessors Sam Bradford, Jason White and Josh Heupel.

    Cowboys need to erase bitter taste

    Stumbling Cowboys have plenty to lose in regular-season contest with Texans.

    Jerry Jones' method is madness

    Jerry Jones' aggressive marketing of the Cowboys hurts the product on the field.

    Cowboys' offense killed by mistakes

    The players deserve most of the blame for the Cowboys' struggles on offense.

    Cowboys counting on Marc Colombo

    Without a healthy Marc Colombo, right tackle is a position of weakness for the Cowboys.

    Cowboys figure out how to mess up

    The Cowboys' offense couldn't muster up much besides mistakes in the opener.

    Cowboys pay for Miles Austin's prime

    Cowboys are banking on Miles Austin's character, production with extension.

    Roy Williams, Marion Barber get in way

    Roy Williams and Marion Barber stand in the way of younger, better Cowboys.

    Wade Phillips doesn't sweat distractions

    With gorilla again on his back, Cowboys' Phillips remains steadfast to his beliefs and his players.

    Jerry Jones: 'We've got us a kicker'

    David Buehler squashes speculation with his performance against the Dolphins.

    It's win or else for UNT's Todd Dodge

    Winning is vital to Todd Dodge's future at UNT, and the coach feels he can deliver.

    Wade Phillips' waffle of words

    Cowboys coach comes across as an enabling wimp in a front of a microphone.

    Tony Romo: 'We didn't execute'

    It isn't time to push the panic button on the Cowboys ... but concern is called for.

    Cowboys get little from 2009 draft

    The Cowboys' 2009 draft class is falling behind and in danger of being flunked.

    Turnovers mask Cowboys' subpar effort

    Cowboys' defense masks shaky effort with big turnovers against Chargers.

    Cowboys O-line sees age as a benefit

    Cowboys see older offensive line as an asset rather than a fragile liability.

    Stephen McGee finally gets a look

    QB Stephen McGee needs to show poise, production if he's to be a worthy project.

    Cowboys sport mature confidence

    Cowboys reminded of hard lessons that came with unmet 2008 expectations.

    Emmitt Smith delivered like no other

    Emmitt Smith stands alone among all-time RB greats with numbers, production.

    Cowboys defenders hungry for more

    Cowboys defenders Spencer, Jenkins hunger to build on breakout seasons.

    Patrick Crayton: 'It's just fuel'

    With Dez injured, the Cowboys may have to pay Crayton's premium.

    Jones way out of line with comments

    Jerry Jones was out of line to suggest Dez Bryant's injury could have been avoided.

    Tony Romo still has room to improve

    The numbers suggest Tony Romo is an elite QB, but to him: a ring's the thing.

    Opportunity knocks for hyped Cowboys

    The hype has returned and expectations are high, but can these Cowboys handle it?

    Cowboys show confidence in Ball

    Cowboys see something in Alan Ball at free safety, and that means something.

    Austin on Ogletree: 'He just has it'

    Cowboys' Ogletree continues to quietly follow in footsteps of friend Austin.

    Controversial? These still stir debate

    Piling on the controversial call that cost Armando Galarraga a perfect game Wednesday, here are the five most controversial calls in Dallas-Fort Worth sports history.

    Cowboys are betting on Buehler

    The Cowboys are betting that powerful kicker David Buehler can handle FGs.

    Free welcomes challenge from Barron

    Doug Free knows he'll have to fight off Alex Barron to keep the left tackle job.

    Bryant vs. Moss? It's no comparison

    There's no comparison between Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant and Randy Moss.

    Mavs' Roddy B states his case in loss

    Mavericks free talented Roddy B, but his services arrive too late as season folds.

    Facility collapse: I feared the worst

    Collapse recalled: Twisted metal, screams, panic -- and how lucky I was.

    Mavs out to prove they're up for fight

    Composure, season once more at stake for Mavs in Game 6 in San Antonio.

    Similar Spurs scheme throws Dirk off

    This time, rhythm escapes Mavericks' Nowitzki in Game 2 loss to Spurs.

    With draft freedom comes responsibility

    Draft watch: Well-stocked Cowboys nevertheless have big long-term needs.

    Five biggest Cowboys games of 2010

    The 2010 schedule is out, and here are the Cowboys' five biggest games.

    Nowitzki resides in elite company

    Dirk Nowitzki is trying to get off the list of all-time NBA greats without a ring.

    Marion goes above and beyond

    A highlight-reel dunk erased any doubts about Mavs F Shawn Marion's health.

    Dirk warms up down the stretch

    Nowitzki keeps his rhythm flowing as Mavericks close in on West's No. 2 seed.

    Division title a sight for Mavs' sore eyes

    Beauty in Mavericks' rough victory over Blazers is in eye of division title holder.

    Rangers fly to win on Cruz's power, jet stream

    Jet stream or not, Nelson Cruz's Opening Day power display was quite a sight.

    Give Marion credit, even if Melo won't

    Melo won't admit it, but Shawn Marion made a big difference in the Mavs' win.

    Roddy B's 40 should turn Carlisle's head

    Mavs rookie Beaubois' latest performance calls for more minutes from Rick Carlisle.

    Blazers bring Mavs to screeching halt

    Trail Blazers' deliberate pace could be a template against Mavs in postseason.

    On birthday, Kidd delivers present

    Mavericks PG Jason Kidd refuses to show his age with a stellar 37th birthday.

    Mavs suffering post-streak depression

    Are the Mavs suffering from a post-streak letdown, or do their issues run deeper?

    Win streak just a distant memory

    Mavs get a reminder that they still have plenty of work to do before the playoffs.

    North Texas has raised the bar

    Merely making the NCAA tournament shouldn't be the goal for UNT anymore.

    No-quit mind-set powers UNT forward

    George Odufuwa's never-quit mentality has made him a double threat for UNT.

    Mavs can't climb out of every hole

    The Mavs' habit of digging holes is a bigger concern than the win streak's end.

    Jones also presented Irvin in 2007

    Emmitt Smith tweets that Cowboys' Jerry Jones will be his Hall of Fame presenter.

    UNT anything but green in the clutch

    UNT believes it has the poise to make routine trips to the NCAA tournament.

    Mean Green squarely fixed on dancing

    Poised North Texas is keeping its eyes on the bigger prize: the NCAA tournament.

    Williams gets a pass, hasn't earned it

    Roy Williams is getting a free pass from the Cowboys without earning it.

    Remodeled Mavericks soaring on the fly

    Remodeled, streaking Mavs are beginning to scratch the surface of their potential.

    Future at center comes into focus

    With Brendan Haywood, it sure looks like the Mavs have their answer at center.

    Dominoes started falling in offseason

    Now that the dust has settled, it looks like the Mavs weren't tricked by the Magic.

    Kidd must steer this trade's direction

    Mavericks' most recent blockbuster trade highlights Jason Kidd's importance.

    New, old Mavericks go cold in defeat

    New-look Mavericks reject excuses for cold shooting in loss to Oklahoma City.

    New-look Mavs face immediate test

    Despite trade track record and timing, Mavericks believe they're a better team.

    Host Dirk receives dose of hospitality

    All-Star Weekend leaves hometown host Dirk Nowitzki of Mavs feeling gracious.

    Timing was right to move Howard

    Playing the waiting game allowed the Mavericks to get value for Josh Howard.

    All-Star Bosh towers over Dallas

    Chris Bosh is well on his way to being the greatest NBA player from Dallas.

    Webb clings to wings of success

    Dallas' Spud Webb has demonstrated that there is no ceiling that is too tall.

    Mavericks' rise tied to Nowitzki's

    Dirk Nowitzki, frequent All-Star and face of the Mavs, grew as Dallas grew on him.

    Lousy efforts have been too common

    Lack of talent played a bigger role in the Mavs' Denver dud than the schedule.

    Williams was always the odd man out

    Williams set for All-Star moment, not far from where he attended The Colony.

    Was 4th quarter real deal or fool's gold?

    Was the Mavs' fourth-quarter explosion a sign of better things or just a tease?

    Beaubois' hard work leads to progress

    Surge in minutes indicates Mavs rookie Rodrigue Beaubois' time has come.

    Lack of effort sinking Mavericks lower

    Blame lack of effort, defense for Mavs' descent into ranks of the unworthy.

    Mavs get glimpse of Howard's potential

    The Mavericks get a rare glimpse of what Josh Howard used to be.

    Frustration froths for Nowitzki

    Dirk Nowitzki hopes to stay 'more upbeat' despite the Mavs' latest shortcomings.

    Mavs closer to lottery than first place

    It's not time for slumping Mavericks to panic, but they better be concerned.

    Carlisle frustrated, calls defense 'soft'

    Rick Carlisle is struggling to find answers for the Mavs' questionable defense.

    Mavericks dig for right opportunity

    Mavericks' struggles of the past month threaten to turn situation into a big deal.

    Howard having worst season of career

    As production and playing time dwindle, Josh Howard's time may be running out.

    Mavericks make it a point not to panic

    Veteran Mavericks team is making it a point not to panic with string of tight wins.

    Mavericks look to Terry for a quick fix

    The Mavericks could look to Jason Terry as a quick fix for the team's slow starts.

    'Chance to do what we all want to do'

    Cowboys' youth has team's elder statesmen daring to dream of big things.

    Players also should have to earn keep

    Cowboys should apply same standard to players that they did to Wade.

    Offensive linemen top long-term needs

    Offensive linemen top the Cowboys' list of long-term needs entering NFL draft.

    10 plays highlighted Cowboys' season

    Counting down the Cowboys' 10 plays that mattered most in the '09 season.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Vikings

    Report Card: The grades are in for the Cowboys' performance vs. the Vikings.

    Pass rush kept Romo out of rhythm

    Tony Romo didn't lose this one, and he never had a chance to win it.

    Mavs depend on Terry's home success

    The Mavericks need Terry to fly straight at AAC to battle struggles at home.

    Staubach-Pearson hails Romo-Austin

    Vikings nemeses Staubach, Pearson hail play of present-day Boys counterparts.

    Nowitzki hits while teammates miss

    Dirk's milestone proved to be heavy load when he needed other Mavs in clutch.

    Vikings, Saints similar to '07 Cowboys

    Vikings, Saints on eerily similar path as '07 Cowboys, which may benefit Dallas.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Eagles

    Report Card: The grades are in for the Cowboys' performance vs. the Eagles.

    Dallas' defense stuns Jackson, Philly

    Cowboys' defense swats away Philly's DeSean Jackson; rolls into Minnesota.

    Mavs collect another comeback win

    Erick Dampier's second career 3-pointer capped off another comeback win.

    Mavericks' Marion fitting right in

    The Mavs' defensive improvement shows that Marion signing was about sense.

    Barea might be better suited for bench

    It might be time for the Mavericks to move J.J. Barea back to the bench.

    Jones: 'Best I've ever felt about him'

    Playing like a man possessed, Romo tries to bury ghosts of his playoffs past.

    Cuban era has been anything but boring

    In his 10 years as owner, Cuban and the Mavs have been impossible to ignore.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Eagles

    Report Card: The grades are in for the Cowboys' performance vs. the Eagles.

    Phillips has earned keep with Cowboys

    Wade Phillips has earned the right to be kept on as Cowboys coach.

    Romo made leadership a priority

    Tony Romo vowed to be a better leader, and he's lived up to the promise.

    Rebels retain Cotton Bowl crown

    The Cotton Bowl regains relevancy with its relocation to Cowboys Stadium.

    Despite drops, Romo confident in WR

    Cowboys' Romo says he hasn't lost confidence in receiver Roy Williams.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Redskins

    Report Card: The grades are in for the Cowboys' performance vs. the Redskins.

    Defense erasing Cowboys' demons

    The Cowboys' defense is emerging in time to erase late-season demons.

    Jenkins maturing into lockdown corner

    CB Mike Jenkins is starting to show his swagger when it matters most.

    Slumping Terry plans to stay aggressive

    The Mavericks believe "Jet" will take off by staying aggressive on offensive end.

    Mavs at home: 'One big question mark'

    Historically a hostile environment, the AAC has become the ire of many Mavs.

    Big step, but Cowboys 'still can't exhale'

    Confident Cowboys suddenly like their chances if they can make the playoffs.

    Romo efficient, explosive vs. Saints

    Statistically, Tony Romo is having a December to remember for the Cowboys.

    Experience guides Mavs past Cavs

    The Mavs used experience to pass the Cavs without their franchise player.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Saints

    Report Card: Here are the Cowboys' grades for Saturday's win over Saints.

    Ware remains a force following injury

    Cowboys LB Ware demonstrates headstrong determination against Saints.

    Romo's great stats don't add up to W's

    Romo has put up impressive numbers this month, but he'd trade it all for two wins.

    Nowitzki relishes role in crunch time

    Need a hero? The true identity of NBA's Captain Clutch is Mavs' Dirk Nowitzki.

    Mavs' Barea punches in early as temp

    J.J. Barea's play early in games allows Mavs to be patient with Josh Howard.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Chargers

    Report Card: Here are the Cowboys' grades for Sunday's loss to San Diego.

    Cowboys give the illusion of greatness

    Cowboys are what they are, which is anything but an elite team.

    Cowboys: Scheme is not the issue

    Despite practicing against the 3-4, the Cowboys can't seem to solve the scheme.

    Beaubois to battle Barea for playing time

    With Howard's return, minutes will be scarce for Barea and Beaubois.

    Howard carries Mavericks in his return

    The Mavs' Josh Howard returned with new confidence in his ankle, game.

    Cowboys' rebound trend put to the test

    Brutal final stretch will reveal if December ghosts still haunt Cowboys.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Giants

    Report Card: The grades are in for the Cowboys' performance vs. the NY Giants.

    Boys' Romo gets a pass in loss to Giants

    Don't blame Tony Romo for Cowboys' latest December downfall.

    Cowboys' CBs out to make amends

    Pass defenders, embarrassed by Giants in stadium debut, have adjusted since.

    Harris-for-Kidd pays delayed dividends

    The Mavs' deal for Jason Kidd has yielded an unexpected but welcome plan.

    Inferior rivals giving Dallas fits at home

    The Mavs are struggling to stomp inferior visitors, which is a troubling pattern.

    Discoveries impact Cowboys' success

    The Cowboys' scouting department is hitting for a high average with its gems.

    Cowboys fix offense just in time

    The Cowboys were encouraged by their offensive turnaround against the Raiders.

    Veteran duo provides Mavs with spark

    Veteran Mavs reserves Jason Terry and Tim Thomas make for a formidable duo.

    Mavericks' bad habits trounce numbers

    The Mavs' tendency to lose focus cost them their streak against the Warriors.

    Cowboys don't look back on OLB choice

    Cowboys don't sweat cutting Greg Ellis, embrace Anthony Spencer at OLB.

    Mavericks nurturing rookie's potential

    The Mavericks are being careful when it comes to cultivating rookie Beaubois.

    Several parts contribute to Boys woes

    With so many offenders, it's hard to pinpoint the cause of Cowboys' slump.

    Victories leave something to be desired

    The Mavs feel they have work to do despite sharing West's top record.

    Defenses taking notice of WR Austin

    Miles Austin isn't doing anything wrong. It's the defenses: They've noticed.

    Gooden relishes role as spot starter

    In Erick Dampier's absence, Drew Gooden has answered the bell.

    The Big German strikes a pose, Spurs

    Dirk Nowitzki's prolific scoring ability is almost taken for granted.

    Free likeliest of options at right tackle

    The biggest fear Jerry Jones had entering the season was the depth of his O-line.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Packers

    Report Card: Grading the Cowboys after their 17-7 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

    Injured Boys can't pull away in division

    The Cowboys hope their injuries against the Packers don't hurt in the long run.

    Decrease in red-zone stats has TE antsy

    While Jason Witten's value hasn't diminished, his big-play stats have.

    Dirk provides support, should seek it too

    The Mavs are asking too much of Dirk, who in turn needs to trust teammates.

    Coach rips team, and Mavs go on tear

    Rick Carlisle ripped into his team after one half; Mavs responded in the other.

    Strength in numbers for Marion, Terry

    Mavs' Terry, Marion are old friends. Now, they're having fun being teammates.

    Report Card: Cowboys vs. Eagles

    Report Card has arrived: Tim MacMahon hands out his grades for Cowboys-Eagles.

    Romo and Williams improve connection

    Williams and Romo had a better reception on their connection against Eagles.

    Romo learning to handle pressure

    The Eagles will bring pressure, but Tony Romo has learned how to deal with it.

    Dampier's time with the Mavs dwindling

    Overpaid or underappreciated? With Erick Dampier, it depends on whom you ask.

    Romo takes high road; Williams honest

    Tony Romo-Roy Williams flap is just the latest act in an endless Cowboys circus.

    Fourth-quarter spark sets club record

    Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki has put the team on his back early this season.

    Veteran duels with young counterparts

    The Mavericks' Jason Kidd might have lost a step, but he has stayed sharp.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Seahawks

    Report Card: The grades are in for the Cowboys' performance vs. Seattle.

    WRs Austin, Crayton shine in new roles

    The Cowboys' revamped WR lineup is turning out better than expected.

    Howard expected to return in two weeks

    The Mavs must fill the void without excuses during Josh Howard's absence.

    Austin's hard work is starting to pay off

    Miles Austin's journey to the NFL began in the Garrett family backyard.

    Newest Maverick fails to provide boost

    Shawn Marion couldn't make his new Mavs teammates better in opener.

    Coach transforms underachieving unit

    Under Joe DeCamillis, the Cowboys special teams unit now means business.

    Howard's ankle, travel among worries

    Despite early obstacles, the Mavericks seek to avoid stumbling out of the gate.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Falcons

    Report Card: Handing out the grades for the Cowboys-Falcons game.

    QB transforms into cautious playmaker

    Miles Austin's emergence bodes well for Tony Romo's playmaking instincts.

    Carlisle targets growth within season

    Mavs are considered middle of the pack but feel they have mix to overachieve.

    Facing Falcons 'going to be a lot of fun'

    It hasn't taken Keith Brooking long to become the Cowboys' emotional leader.

    Nowitzki continues to expand his game

    Dirk Nowitzki continues to work on his low-post moves during the offseason.

    Work in trenches buries Sooners' attack

    Texas' front four on defense wreaked havoc on OU's inexperienced O-line.

    Addition defensive about homecoming

    Tenacious D: Mavericks' Ross no longer defensive off the court, but on it … watch out.

    Beaubois going through growing pains

    First-round pick Rodrigue Beaubois showed flashes of potential.

    I-35 rivals have taken different roads

    The road toward NFL riches has been rocky for two Dallas ISD standouts.

    Endless potential for Mavs' new tandem

    The Mavericks believe they have one of the best wing tandems in the Western Conference.

    Bradford thrives on the big stage

    Quarterback Sam Bradford has returned, and so has the Sooners' swagger.

    Phillips: Schemes OK, but mentality isn't

    Fourth-quarter rallies are driving the Cowboys defense to toughen up.

    Receiver makes big splash in first start

    Wade Phillips made it clear that Miles Austin wouldn't spend much time on the sideline.

    Receiver enters Cowboys' record book

    Cowboys receiver Miles Austin's potential finally broke through in Kansas City.

    Report card: Cowboys vs. Chiefs

    ESPNDallas.com's Tim MacMahon hands out his grades for Cowboys-Chiefs

    Cowboy tight ends look to produce

    Jason Witten and Martellus Bennett look to seize more opportunities

    Carlisle: Mavericks on a mission

    The Dallas Mavericks will have a renewed focus on the defensive end

    Secondary trying to tackle bigger issue

    Sloppy tackling continues to haunt the Dallas Cowboys.

    Cuban: Gooden is best fit for present

    Dependable defender's finesse on offense makes him an intriguing fit

    Unit can't carry Dallas in crunch time

    The Cowboys' defense was good against the Broncos, but it needed to be perfect.

    Mavs hope newest big man fills void

    The Mavs' versatile offseason acquisitions play right into coach Rick Carlisle's creativity.

    Newest option for Mavs: roster flexibility

    The Mavs' versatile offseason acquisitions play right into coach Rick Carlisle's creativity.

    Cowboys power on despite injuries

    The Cowboys' depth at running back means someone's always ready to pick up the load.

    Romo reaches the crossroads

    Tony Romo's rapid rise has hit a roadblock in his development as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

    DFW shares compelling icons, quests

    Title-starved North Texas still talking a big game