Too much racing? Give the fans what they want

April 13, 2010, 12:22 PM

By: Eddie Gossage

One of the complaints from the media this year has been that this 2010 NASCAR Sprint Cup season just hasn't developed momentum. One of the reasons is that the schedule already has had two breaks in it -- one between Atlanta and Bristol, and the other for Easter. That's two off weekends during the first six races.

One of those breaks -- the first one -- just wasn't necessary. We could have used a break in the current run of races, which began last week in Phoenix, this week in Texas and then continues until the second week of July in Chicago. That's a grind to anyone.

Then we begin a 12-week blitz with a race in Atlanta on Labor Day Weekend that runs until the end of the season on Nov. 21. That's Labor Day to Thanksgiving without a break. A break in there would probably be nice, too.

But this season's lack of momentum can probably also be traced to the start-and-stop nature of the Daytona 500 and the pothole in Turn 2. That was frustrating for everyone, NASCAR included.

So while many believe the season is just now beginning to develop a tempo, some critics complain there is just too much racing, resulting in overexposure.

Here's my two cents.

The complaints you hear about the grind of NASCAR comes from within the garage area and the media. It is a beating to be on the road for such long periods. But that's the nature of racing. You are going to travel and race from city to city. Nobody held a gun to your head to make you do this. You chose this, so stop the complaining.

Those that say this season hasn't developed momentum are right, but that's about to change with this 14-race stretch without a break. The race fans want and need a weekly installment of their favorite soap opera that is NASCAR. Except for Easter, I would run eight races and then take an off weekend to let the crews recharge their batteries.

But I would give the fans what they want, especially early in the season. A 14-race stretch started last weekend. The series is here in Texas this week. Next week they go to Talladega.

It gets interesting now.


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