Jimmy Walker's Colonial diary: Day 3

FORT WORTH, Texas -- PGA Tour golfer Jimmy Walker has volunteered to chat with us each day of the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial about his round, the Fort Worth scene and his life in general. The 32-year-old will play the weekend after rallying to a 3-under 67 in Round 2 on Friday to make the cut on the number at 1-under. His thoughts:

Q: How's your mood today?

JW: I'm excited that my back doesn't hurt. That put me in a good mood. After my round yesterday, I went to see a new guy, Troy, about my back. We had about a 40-minute session. He had me doing new exercises. I did the exercises before I went to bed and I woke up this morning feeling great.

Q: Any idea of what has been causing your back problems?

JW: My pelvis had shifted to the left and my hips were out of alignment. My back has been taking all the load. I need to retrain the muscle group back there. I've had MRIs and all the other tests and they didn't find anything, yet I was still in pain. It has been frustrating.

Q: You had a 1:19 p.m. tee time today. How did you spend your morning?

JW: I'm having a new camera modified for shooting in the dark and I sent it off today. I've been into astrophotography for about a year. There's a place I go about 80 miles west of San Antonio. When you get over the hills, it cuts out all the ground light. It's very quiet out there. You can hear everything.

Q: Did you check on the second-round tournament scoring before coming to the course?

JW: No, I knew it was going to take 3- or 4-under. I got to the course around 11:30 a.m., did my stretching and did a little practice. I limited how many balls I hit, but I putted quite a bit.

Q: You were fighting on the cut line all day. How does it feel to survive it?

JW: A round like that is character-building. Making the shots when you have to have them shows what you're made of. And getting through the rain delay was a test for my back.

Q: The sun was setting, it was getting dark and you were one of the last players on the course. How about the drama concerning the cut late in your round?

JW: I was in a spot of trouble in the trees on No. 6 [his 15th hole] and got out of that with a good putt. On No. 7, I hit a great 3-wood but caught a terrible lie on hardpan in the fairway. My distance was 155 yards, and I hit an 8-iron to 3 feet and made the putt. That birdie put me inside the cut line at the time. On No. 8, the par 3, I was long in the back bunker, but I hit a really nice downhill bunker shot from the short side and made that putt for par. I felt I might need one more birdie because some people were still on the course, so I hammered the driver on No. 9, my best one of the day considering the circumstances. I had about 80 yards to the pin, so I hit my 60 degree to 4 feet and finished with a birdie.

Q: Earlier in the round, you seemed to get angry on No. 17 when your tee shot ended near a tree left of the fairway. What was the story?

JW: I hit the same tree yesterday. I didn't have a shot to the green either time and I had the same result, a bogey.

Q: How will you celebrate tonight?

JW: I'll call my wife. I'm going to get my back worked on. And a friend from San Antonio is here, and I will probably go to Del Frisco's and have a steak and some margaritas. But I play early tomorrow, so not too much.

Q: So the tournament starts again now that the cut is made?

JW: Yes, and I know good rounds are out there. But I'm not sure David Toms [the current leader] is playing the same course the rest of us are.

Randy Jennings covers golf for ESPNDallas.com.