Romo or RG3?



Taylor By Jean-Jacques Taylor

Robert Griffin III seems destined for stardom; Tony Romo is already a star.

And that's why you take the next five years of Romo, even though he's 32, over the next five years of RGIII.

One game does not make a career -- no matter how magnificent. Clint Longley once had a masterful performance for the Cowboys and what did that get him?

The reality is that it'll take NFL defensive coordinators five or six game tapes to study what RGIII does best and take it away. Then he and coach Mike Shanahan will have to adjust.

Ultimately, he'll get it done.

Romo, though, has already been there and done that. If the Cowboys are ever going to win a title with Romo as their quarterback -- or just get to the Super Bowl -- it'll be during the next five years.

We have no idea if RGIII can lift the Redskins -- a raggedy franchise for more than a decade -- and overcome owner Daniel Snyder and take Washington to the Promised Land.

It's rare for a quarterback to succeed without heartbreak. Romo has already experienced enough for two or three quarterbacks.

It has made him mentally tough. It has taught him that winning trumps any and every stat he could ever have. You can see it in the way he carries himself and the way he pushes his teammates.

He's matured. He understands what winning is all about in the NFL, and he's ready to do it.

His skill set is based on guile and lateral quickness. He'll always be able to move around the pocket and make guys miss while he creates big plays out of chaos.

He's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL right now, and that's not changing anytime soon. RGIII is on the rise, but he's not there yet.

And there's no guarantee -- as good as he looks -- that he will. Vince Young was the Rookie of the Year in 2006 and now he's out of the league.


Watkins By Calvin Watkins

The NFL has always been a young man's game. For every Peyton Manning, there's a young quarterback doing his thing somewhere else.

Five rookie quarterbacks have made their starting debuts in 2012. There are young quarterbacks in the huddles in Atlanta, Detroit, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Tampa Bay.

When you watch Washington's Robert Griffin III dominate the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome in his first NFL game you begin to see the picture.

This is nothing against Tony Romo, but he has just one more playoff win than Griffin III.

Romo's years in the NFL are dwindling as we speak. The Cowboys believe in Romo's skill set and leadership abilities. In fact, the Cowboys will give Romo a well-deserved contract extension.


The Cowboys have nobody younger waiting in the wings who can become an elite quarterback. The Cowboys have spent their first- and second-round draft picks fixing their defense and an aging offensive line.

That's OK, because Romo is the future for the Cowboys.

The future of the NFL is RG3.

He's got the leadership abilities, physical makeup and is playing in a high-profile city, as well. His future is brighter than Romo's.

Romo's 2007 season was his chance to reach an elite level. All he did was get ripped for going to Cabo and then was eliminated in the playoffs by Eli Manning. Manning, by the way, has won two Super Bowls and Romo is still trying to win a second playoff game.

We're not saying RG3 is better than Romo at this stage of their careers. He's not. But in the next two to three years, it appears the future is brighter for Daniel Snyder's team than Jerry Jones'.

The Cowboys' window, as Jones has mentioned, is closing. Did you see how focused the Cowboys were in the season opener at the New York Giants?

It's time to win.

Romo dismisses the closing-the-window talk, but it's a reality.

Just ask the Washington Redskins' fans, because their long-term future looks better than Dallas'.


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