Texas Rangers CEO won't stop believing

Managing general partner and chief executive officer Chuck Greenberg had a message for fans as the Texas Rangers will try to extend their season in Game 5 of the World Series on Monday night.

"This series: It is going back to San Francisco," Greenberg told the Ben & Skin Show on ESPN 103.3 FM in Dallas. "There's gonna be a Game 6. There's going to be a Game 7. Let's all hang in there and keep believing."

Only six teams in World Series history have come back from a 3-1 deficit -- the last being the Kansas City Royals in 1985. Cliff Lee will try to extend the Rangers' season against the Giants' Tim Lincecum on Monday night in a rematch of Game 1.

"I think they're in good shape," Greenberg said of the Rangers' mindset. "Obviously, nobody chooses to be down 3-1 but they recognize that you've got to keep your goals small and just focus on something that's attainable.

"What's attainable is to go out and try to be your best, whether you're playing on the field or whether you're supporting your teammates in the dugout or whether you're supporting the whole ballclub and one another in the stands. Control what you can control. Give it a great effort and show what you're all about and take it from there."

And his message for the fans:

"Every piece of emotion that you have, just throw it into this game. You've earned it. Let's enjoy it together."