Dad: Yu Darvish 'very happy' deal done

Yu Darvish's father, Farsad, says his son was pleased to hear he will be starting his major league baseball career in 2012 after his agents reached a deal with the Texas Rangers.

"He was very happy," Farsad Darvish, 51, said by phone from Japan early Thursday morning. "We knew we were coming very close to a deal. He's not the type to show much excitement. He keeps things cool and quiet, whether it's good or bad news, unless he's on the mound. He gets pumped up on the mound."

Yu Darvish agreed to terms on a six-year, approximately $60 million contract just prior to the 4 p.m. CT deadline Wednesday. He spoke with his agents and Rangers general manager Jon Daniels just before the deal was announced, which was early Thursday morning in Japan.

Darvish is already practicing with a major league ball, according to his father, and is looking forward to the challenge of competing in the big leagues.

Yu and Farsad Darvish are scheduled to come to Texas on Friday for a news conference at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. It will be the second time the duo has visited Darvish's future home ballpark. They both were in Arlington for three days in early January. After Darvish underwent a physical, he received a tour of the ballpark, met some Rangers players, and went to dinner with various members of the front office and coaching staff, including Daniels, CEO Nolan Ryan, manager Ron Washington and pitching coach Mike Maddux.

"We found them very hospitable," Farsad said about the Rangers. "Because of Yu's training schedule, we had to go Jan. 1. He's very keen on training. They respected his timing. I felt bad dragging the front office out during the New Year's holiday, but they were very helpful. It was a very nice way to break the ice. I thought everyone was nice and relaxed."

Farsad went to high school in Massachusetts and grew up a Dallas Cowboys fan because they were constantly on television.

"I've always been a Cowboys fan," he said. "That was the Tony Dorsett era. Roger Staubach was fun to watch, too. They were winning a lot of championships then."

Darvish and his son were surprised by how close Rangers Ballpark in Arlington and Cowboys Stadium are to each other.

"The baseball and football stadiums are right there, and the Mavericks are not that far," said Farsad, who lives in Osaka. "It's amazing to see top sports and champions all in the same area. I call it a huge sports hub."

He said he was aware of the Rangers' franchise thanks in large part to the club's success the past two seasons.

"They made a lot of headlines, being a top organization," Farsad said. "We found out the front office is talented and young, and Mr. Ryan works closely with them. The management is skillful and harmonized. The stadium is very new. They have a mixture of young and experienced players. Everything is in balance."

Farsad is confident his son will succeed at the major league level but hopes fans can be patient while he adjusts to life in the big leagues and in Texas.

"The next six months of transition is important," Farsad Darvish said. "I feel responsible because the team has invested a lot of money and we have to make sure whatever the team asks us to do that can help Yu that we try to do it to help things go well. That's important.

"You are talking about [a] different culture. It would be nice to give it a little time and don't judge things so fast. I know Yu will find his way. I think the fans are looking forward to the team getting another chance at the World Series, and I really hope Yu can be a member when they get there."

Richard Durrett covers the Rangers for ESPNDallas.com.