Ron Washington wants all to play

ARLINGTON, Texas -- American League All-Star manager Ron Washington said he doesn't plan on playing his starters longer or managing the game like it's a win-at-all-costs event from the opening pitch. He will try to use his entire roster and hope that he can get a lead late and do what he has to do to keep it.

"It's the All-Star Game, and I want to play everybody like I did last year," Washington said. "They're All-Stars, I should be able to win with all of them. I should have more of them available. But my thing is they're in the All-Star Game and I certainly want to get everyone that's in that All-Star Game in the game."

But Washington will do what's necessary in the late innings to see if he can get his team a victory.

"If we get into the seventh and eighth inning with a lead, I'm going to try to win," Washington said. "But for the first five or six innings, let them play."

Washington's club was directly impacted by the AL losses the past two years as the Texas Rangers didn't have homefield advantage in the World Series in 2010 and '11. Does Washington think the outcome of last year's Fall Classic would have been different if the Rangers were at home for Games 6 and 7?

"No, Game 6 and 7 would have turned out differently if we had made some pitches," Washington said. "Being in St. Louis didn't have anything to do with having homefield advantage or not. We kicked ass in St Louis just like we kicked ass in Texas.

"We're in the World Series. Who cares? Yes, you'd like to play more games at home, but we're in the World Series. You're going to use being in St. Louis as the reason why you lost? I think everybody knows why we lost. We didn't make pitches. We didn't make a play and didn't make a couple plays."

Washington said he finished completing the roster on Saturday, and the squad officially will be revealed Sunday afternoon. Unlike last year, he should have some more pitchers available.

Last year, Washington lost a handful of pitchers to injuries and to the fact that a few of them started on Sunday before the All-Star Game. Now, if a pitcher starts on Sunday, he can pitch in the game under a pitch count and treat it like a bullpen session.