Hamilton out, Beltre returns to lineup

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton will miss his second consecutive game due to vision problems, but third baseman Adrian Beltre will return for Thursday's game against the Los Angeles Angels after initially being out of the lineup.

Hamilton had a sinus MRI on Wednesday night that came back negative. He was still experiencing the symptoms -- mainly unfocused vision -- that forced him out of Tuesday's game in the third inning.

"If it feels good and I feel like I can go out there and play, I'll play," said Hamilton, who was scheduled to take batting practice Thursday.

Beltre (intestinal issues) was in the clubhouse laughing and joking with teammates, but appeared uncomfortable. He was scheduled to take batting practice and said he'd plead his case to manager Ron Washington if he felt good enough to play.

Beltre apparently convinced Washington and will bat cleanup as the Rangers' designated hitter.

Hamilton said every member of his family has been sick the last week, so he's been battling that at home.

"Any time I get sick, it usually turns into a sinus infection," Hamilton said. "Sometimes it can cause me to be off-kilter, off-balance, but this is the first time it's caused me not to be able to focus the way I want to on the field. ... The more you run when you can't breathe as good, you get a little dizzy, a little thrown off. It just is what it is. I had the MRI just to make sure everything was good to go."

Hamilton received medication earlier Thursday and joked that he saw "every doctor known to man" on Wednesday.

"My eyesight is great," Hamilton said. "I got that checked out. It's 20-15. It used to be 20-10, but I'm getting a little older. That's good, but all the congestion that's in there is slowing things down a bit as far as depth perception and things like that."