Adrian Beltre back in lineup

SEATTLE -- Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre was back in the lineup Saturday against the Seattle Mariners, and doctors have likely identified what's been causing an intestinal issue that forced the All-Star third baseman out of two games this week.

Beltre saw doctors in Los Angeles on Friday morning before he flew to Seattle, and they told him it's 90 percent likely that scar tissue from appendix surgery 11 years ago is rubbing up against his intestines.

If the pain returns, Beltre said he'll need to have surgery to fix the problem. But the 33-year-old was optimistic about making it through the rest of the season and having surgery if needed during the offseason.

"The good thing is that the pain is not like it was and I feel better physically," he said before going 1 for 4 in the Rangers' 1-0 loss on Saturday. "I'm still a little weak, but for the most part, I'm doing a lot better than I was two days ago."

Beltre was relieved that the problem was finally identified and that it's something that can be fixed if need be. He had his system flushed out Friday morning and feels bloated every time he tries to eat. He'll try to eat healthy foods and drink lots of fluids in the meantime.

As for what he's doing to combat any pain, Beltre smiled and said "nothing."

That makes sense for the guy who, despite his discomfort, begged Rangers manager Ron Washington for a spot in the lineup Thursday and then proceeded to crush a go-ahead, ninth-inning home run against the Los Angeles Angels.

"His tolerance level is off the charts," Washington said. "You know that old saying I bring up, 'Mind over matter'? He's got a powerful mind."

Washington added that he might DH Beltre a little more than normal and also give him some time off if the Rangers are winning big or happen to clinch the division with regular season games left.

Taylor Soper is a contributor to ESPNDallas.com.