Shawn Marion sporting stitches

LOS ANGELES -- The swelling was apparent above Shawn Marion's right eyelid and three stitches poked out of a purple zig-zag just beneath his eyebrow.

A hard elbow to the eye? An accidental head butt during practice?

"You seen that Windex commercial?" Marion said. "I got into a battle with a glass door and the glass door won. Dead serious. It was an accident. I was in a rush trying to get on the bus and I slipped and I had my glasses on and I cut my eye."

The accident occurred as the Dallas Mavericks were leaving their Portland hotel Friday morning after wrapping up the first-round series in six games.

Marion walked up to two steps to two glass doors wiped crystal clean. One door opened. The other did not.

"Instead of me going to the left, I went to the right and the door was closed," Marion said. "And them two little steps, and I had my bags and my water in my hands, and I kind of slipped right there and broke my glasses. I'm more pissed I broke my glasses."

Marion does wear glasses from time to time, but he doesn't wear contacts when he's playing. He doesn't need to. The glasses are a fashion statement, non-prescription.

As for the eye, Marion got stitched up on the plane, sans anesthesia he said, by team doctor T.O. Souryal. Entering Monday night's Game 1 against the Los Angeles Lakers at the Staples Center, Marion said his eye wouldn't be an issue. He scored 10 points in the Mavs' 96-94 win.

Jeff Caplan covers the Mavericks for ESPNDallas.com.