Jarrett Jack, Acie Law at tourney

DALLAS -- NBA players took part in the 24th annual Dallas Fed X Pro-Am Basketball Classic at IAD Sports Complex on Saturday and Sunday looking to stay in shape during the ongoing NBA lockout.

The two-day event has become one of the biggest tournaments in the Metroplex. Participants included New Orleans Hornets guard Jarrett Jack and Golden State Warriors guard Acie Law, who competed against local, international and NBA Developmental League talent.

"It's tough right now with the lockout situation. You can't use NBA facilities, so it's hard to get with other NBA guys," Law said. "A situation like this where you're playing against pros and guys on your level, it's good to get some conditioning and continue to just play."

Law and Jack had their fair share of lockout questions asked from spectators on hand. Each answered with uncertainty about whether there would be a season.

"I'm hoping so," Jack said. "We had the highest TV revenue this year and the highest attendance. We broke a lot of records this year and I think it'd be great for the game to keep going in that positive direction."

Law was less optimistic.

"I honestly don't know," the former Texas A&M guard said. "I don't have a good feeling about it. We'll see where it goes. Nobody is losing money right now, so we just have to see in August when the next meetings take place if they get something worked out and we can move forward."

Like other NBA players who have stated interest in playing basketball overseas, Law and Jack have considered other options if the lockout continues into the regular season.

"I understand why a lot of guys are considering overseas," Law said. "I'm considering some options overseas. These are our livelihoods. This is how we feed our families, and guys want to play. If they're not going to negotiate a deal, life goes on. Bills still coming in, we still have to provide for our families, so hopefully they get something worked out."

Jack didn't rule out the possibility of playing overseas.

"It's possible, anything is possible," Jack said. "You've got to look at the situation really. Do your proper research and due diligence and see what works best for you individually.

"I don't like to sit still, regardless of the current situation with the labor agreement, I play basketball non-stop anyway. This is just me. It's what I do."

Master Tesfatsion is a reporter for ESPNDallas.com.