Sean Williams: Waived, then ejected

Thursday was not a good day for former Dallas Mavericks player Sean Williams. In the morning, the 6-foot-10 forward/center was put on waivers, halting his comeback bid to the NBA at least temporarily.

That evening, while sitting courtside at a Texas Legends D-League game in Frisco, Williams was ejected from the building for getting into it with a referee.

Williams, who played for the Legends last season and spent the majority of this season with the team while under contract with the Mavs, was seated opposite the Legends bench when he was tossed with 2:43 left in the fourth quarter.

Wearing a grey Legends Basketball long-sleeve shirt, a ball cap and holding a big bag of popcorn, Williams got the hook, as a spectator. He got up with his big bag of popcorn and was escorted out the tunnel.

The D-League website has highlights of the game, including Williams receiving the ol' heave-ho.

The Legends' 111-103 victory over the Reno Big Horns was a whistle-happy affair -- 50 fouls called and 69 free throws attempted. Legends coach Del Harris got a technical with barely a second left in the first half and guard Antonio Daniels was ejected after twice getting technicals. Big Horns coach and former Mavs staff member Paul Mokeski also got a T.

A Legends spokesperson said it appeared that Williams was joking with some Big Horns players -- among them former Texas Tech star and Dallas Carter product Andre Emmett and former Texas A&M guard and short-time Mavs player Antoine Wright -- about the game's officiating.

Apparently his comments were overheard and the whistle blew for him to leave the building.

Williams has a 48-hour period to clear waivers, and then would be eligible to sign with the Legends if he doesn't get a sniff from another NBA team.