Pierre Jackson injures left knee

Baylor's Pierre Jackson suffered a minor, acute patella injury to his left knee and won't be able to work out in the final week leading up to the NBA draft on June 27.

Jackson's co-agent, Colin Bryant of Dutt Sports Services, told ESPN.com Tuesday that Jackson needs "nothing more than rest the next two to three weeks. It's unfortunate about the upcoming workouts. He will be 100 percent for summer league."

Jackson led Baylor to the NIT title last March with 17 points and 10 assists against Iowa. He had started to be a strong contender for a first-round spot in the draft. He had already worked out for five teams with first-round picks -- Utah (14), Boston (16), New York (24), L.A. Clippers (25) and San Antonio (28).

Bryant said he will make the MRI available to all teams to prove that only rest is needed. Jackson will interview by Skype, or possibly in person, with Dallas (13), Phoenix (5, 30), Chicago (20), Atlanta (17, 18) and Indiana (23).

Jackson was interviewing, but not working out, with Portland (10) Tuesday.