LeBron James wants to play in NFL?

LeBron James said he wants to play a game in the NFL in a wide-ranging question and answer session with fans on Twitter Friday night.

Saying he'd answer questions for 15 minutes around 11:30 p.m. ET, the Miami Heat star stayed online for 50 minutes.

Questions were all over the map -- from basketball to video games to best friends. For the record, James answered "NBA 2k14, Madden 25 and COD" to his favorite video games and "@SavannahRB My wife" to his best friend.

Someone asked James if he would consider playing one pro football game.

"I wanna play one NFL game before it's over," said James, who did play football in high school.

In response to a question about Dwyane Wade's status, James said: "He's going to be great!! He's back."

James also lamented that Mike Miller is no longer with the Heat.

"He's awesome! Still sucks that he's gone. Memphis has a great one," he said.

The Heat did add to the roster, however, signing former No. 2 pick Michael Beasley, who has had off-court trouble in the league. James was asked about his relationship with Beasley.

"Great! I love him. Misunderstood. He can flat out hoop," James said.

Asked which players have been hardest for him to cover, James responded: "Melo, KD, Kobe, DRose, CP, DWade, TMac."

He was also asked if he likes or hates being compared to Michael Jordan.

"It's tough being compared to the greatest but I love challenges," he said.