Scott Drew: Dad in recovery

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Baylor coach Scott Drew told ESPN on Thursday during Big 12 media day that his father, Homer, the recently retired Valparaiso head coach, had prostate cancer and already had surgery to remove his prostate.

Drew said his father is recovering well.

Drew said his father's prostate exam prompted his mother to get checked for a condition that hadn't improved. His mother's exam determined that she had stage three bladder cancer. Drew said she already had surgery to remove her bladder and will start chemotherapy.

"My dad was getting ready for his surgery and my mom was talking to one of the doctors and examined her right there," Scott Drew said. "They found a tumor and removed it. It was a blessing that he had his exam when he did otherwise we may never have found out about my mom."

Drew said that his dad, now 67, has had regular prostate cancer screenings since he was 40 because of family history of the disease. Drew said his grandfather died of prostate cancer.

"Every man out there has to be aware of this and get checked so they can catch it early," Drew said.

Valparaiso announced Oct. 11 that the Drews were suffering from cancer but didn't give any details.

"Janet and myself both appreciate all the thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time for our family," Homer Drew said in a statement released by the school.

Homer Drew retired from Valparaiso in 2002 and left the program for Scott. But Scott didn't last long, leaping to grab the Baylor job after one season.

Homer Drew returned to coach, only to retire again last May. Scott's brother, Bryce, who is best known for hitting a game-winning NCAA tournament shot to beat Ole Miss in 1998, took over the program.

Homer Drew coached the Crusaders to nine 20-win seasons and five NCAA appearances from 1996 to 2000.

"My brother is there and my sister is there now since her husband had been playing in Italy but is now home," said Scott Drew of the family support for his parents in the northwestern Indiana town. "Both my parents are retired now and they're trying to get themselves healthy. Hopefully they'll get ready for another great season of college basketball."

Drew said there have been countless friends that have reached out to his family since the news of his parents' cancer diagnosis became public.

"Anyone who has cancer knows how tough it is to fight cancer," Drew said. "The prayers and support has been overwhelming. We're very appreciative of all our good friends."

Senior writer Andy Katz covers men's college basketball for ESPN.com. Follow Andy Katz on Twitter: @ESPNAndyKatz