Cowboys brush off sideline altercation

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys coach Wade Phillips got testy with reporters on Monday when asked about the sideline spat between cornerback Terence Newman and secondary coach Dave Campo.

In the first quarter of Sunday's game with the Redskins, Newman and Campo engaged in a physical confrontation on the sidelines and had to be separated by several players. Phillips even pushed Campo back with his arm.

After the Redskins punted, Newman walked to the sidelines where Campo grabbed him with his arms extended. Newman then pushed Campo away and the two bumped chests. Players pushed them away and Campo was yelling at Newman so intently his headset fell off.

Later, Campo was showing Newman some pictures on the sidelines and it appeared things were normal.

"It happens a lot, sure," Phillips said. "And you're looking at it from one side where you don't know what's going on."

The cornerback will not be fined or otherwise disciplined by the team for Sunday's sideline altercation with Campo, club sources told ESPN's Ed Werder.

Newman apparently will also escape punishment from the NFL office. A league source told Werder that the NFL considers such behavior a team matter and was unaware of any discussion of the incident at the league office.

Campo told a small group of reporters after Sunday's game he was trying to stop Newman to speak with him about a play. When Phillips was told of this, he said, "Just go with your story then."

When asked if he was disappointed that the incident was shown on national television numerous times, including two YouTube clips, Phillips said, "I don't need to go into detail of who said what, what happened to who, all those things, he said she said. There wasn't anything big that happened that made a different. We worked out what we had to work out on the sideline, and that's what we normally do. And that's what happens with a lot of teams a lot of times."

Newman declined to speak with reporters after the game on Sunday, and wasn't available in the locker room on Monday for the 45 minute open locker room period.

Several Cowboys players didn't know what the problem between Newman and Campo was.

Just before that first quarter drive ended, Newman let Redskins wide receiver Devin Thomas get behind him on a route when quarterback Jason Campbell was scrambling. Campbell completed a 26-yard pass. The Cowboys' corners are taught to never lose sight of their wide receivers when a quarterback is scrambling.

Campo was upset about the play and it appeared he wanted to speak with Newman about it.

"It's football man," defensive end Marcus Spears said. "When we get into these meetings today we'll be laughing and joking with each other. I don't know if you guys have arguments at your respectful workplaces, if you do, just understand that it's just business if you know the guy. Camps knows New and New knows Camps and whenever those types of things happen, we'll let [the media] blow it out of proportion and know that we're fine once it's all over with."

Calvin Watkins covers the Cowboys for ESPNDallas.com. ESPN's Ed Werder contributed to this report.