Cowboys upset about officiating

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Wade Phillips is tired of hearing the league apologize for officiating mistakes.

Dallas was on the wrong end of incidents involving replay in its last two games. In a loss to Green Bay, the Packers were not penalized for throwing a challenge flag when they were out of challenges, and in a win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday the crew made a series of errors on the same play. It ended up not hurting the Cowboys because the Redskins missed a field-goal attempt, but it still left Phillips steamed on Tuesday.

"Well, I mean, it shouldn't [happen]," he said. "That's what they're paid to do. They're paid to go by the rules and make sure they know whether a team can challenge or whether a team can review something or not. That's what the officials are paid to do."

Phillips said he spoke with NFL officiating director Mike Pereira about it and that Pereira is also upset because these errors go beyond judgment calls about things like holding or pass interference.

"There shouldn't be any rules that they missed," he said. "I think that's what Mike was upset about."

The Cowboys actually caught a break from the officials against the Redskins. Replays show that on their winning play, two offensive linemen were down the field. An official nearby missed it because he was watching to see if quarterback Tony Romo passed the line. He didn't, so no flag was thrown.

Asked if that came up with the league office, Phillips said: "No, because they weren't [illegally downfield]. It wasn't called."