Jerry Jones: Play calling fine

IRVING, Texas -- Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones said he has no issues with the structure of his coaching staff, specifically between head coach Wade Phillips and offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

Jones said Phillips has veto power on any offensive call and isn't concerned about the relationship between the two coaches.

Before Thursday's practice, Phillips and Garrett were talking to each other during the open access period.

"He has more than that," Jones said of Phillips' power to overturn offensive calls. "He certainly does relay and depend and delegate to Jason regarding the offensive play calling but let's make that real clear. Wade can call anything he wants to out there or stop any call that is made out there."

On Thursday, Jones was asked about a coaching decision toward the end of the first half which the Cowboys didn't take a knee and called for a pass play which resulted in a turnover and touchdown for the Washington Redskins.

Instead of the Cowboys trailing, 3-0, they went into halftime down, 10-0.

Jones said it was a mistake not taking a knee, something Phillips pointed out after the game.

And while Phillips and Garrett admitted mistakes on their part, especially in communicating, Jones said he's not concerned.

"It's not an issue," Jones said. "They have a real good relationship and on that we've done some very successful things because of [it] and it will continue between them. As far as it affects our team, I don't think it will be an issue."

Jones said because Phillips is a defensive-type coach it's not uncommon for offensive coaches to control of the play calling.

He stressed several times the Cowboys have had success, under Phillips, with the current system. Other NFL teams, Jones said, also have had success with the offensive coordinator calling plays.

"Yes, that's really not uncommon," he said. "It may not be the majority but it's not uncommon for your head coach to have one side or the other. I happen to like it that way. That's the way I wanted it when I set it up."

Calvin Watkins covers the Cowboys for ESPNDallas.com.