Randy Moss accepts Jones' apology

IRVING, Texas -- Receiver Randy Moss granted Dallas Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones' playful wish to be forgiven for the 1998 draft snub.

"I apologize, I apologize, I apologize," Jones said earlier this week regarding his decision to not draft Moss in 1998. "I don't believe that's going to do any good. He's too much of a competitor."

Moss accepts, accepts, accepts ... to a certain extent. He's still looking forward to adding to his jaw-dropping statistics against the Cowboys on Sunday, his first home game since getting traded back to the Minnesota Vikings.

"I always forgive, man, that's in the Bible," Moss said during a conference call Wednesday with Dallas media. "I always forgive, but I never forget.

"Mr. Jones, Jerry Jones, I still respect his organization, the accomplishments that he has made over the years. I don't hold a grudge, and I'm not bitter about the situation. This is my 13th year in the league and, like I said, I forgive him but I don't forget."

Moss admits that h has a bigger chip on his shoulder when he plays Dallas than against other teams that passed on him in the draft. That's partially because the vibe he got during his pre-draft visit to Valley Ranch, which included a detour to Deion Sanders' house, was that the Cowboys wanted him. But it's nothing personal, at least not any more.

The Cowboys, scared by concerns about Moss' character, selected defensive end Greg Ellis with the eighth overall pick instead. Moss slipped all the way to the Vikings at No. 21.

"He apologized and he didn't have to, but since he did, I accept his apology," Moss said about Jones. "None heart taken and I still got love and respect for him and his organization, but I'm going out to compete."

Moss has made good over the years on his vow to make the Cowboys pay for not drafting him. His teams are 7-0 against the Cowboys, including a playoff win. He has 35 catches for 734 yards and 11 touchdowns in those games.

"Am I still mad at the Cowboys?" Moss said, repeating a question. "Man, I always carry a certain chip on my shoulder for the Cowboys. Not as much, but I'm still ready to play some football."

Tim MacMahon covers the Cowboys for ESPN Dallas. You can follow him on Twitter or leave a question for his weekly mailbag.