Jason Garrett inspired by Coach K

INDIANAPOLIS -- Jason Garrett's offseason has not only been about finding players to improve the Cowboys on the field. Last weekend Garrett spent time with Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski to help improve himself.

Krzyzewski allowed Garrett to observe the Blue Devils in practice and a game and spent time talking about the coaching profession, even if there is not much carryover between basketball and football.

"We literally could talk about this for five days, I learned so much," Garrett said. "He has an amazing way of creating an environment that is so organized, so systematic, so seamless; the execution and everything they do is off the charts. He also has this amazing personal touch with everyone involved in the organization. He has a personal relationship with everybody. He cares deeply about everybody. They care about each other.

"It's a combination of IBM at its finest moments and the greatest mom and pop shop you've ever seen, and he puts it together. I sat there for three days and was really amazed by it. It inspired me a great deal."

The meeting was set up by former Cowboys running back Calvin Hill, who serves as a consultant to the team's player development program. Hill's son, Grant, starred for Krzyzewski, before heading to the NBA.

Garrett said there are other coaches from other sports he would like to speak with, but nothing has been arranged.

"There is so much to learn and there is so much to benefit from to see how people who are successful do things in or out of football, in or out of sports," Garrett said. "You can learn from it."

Whoever is next will have a hard time in matching Krzyzewski in Garrett's eyes.

"We are not trying to be Duke basketball, but it's a good model to how an organization functions," Garrett said.

Todd Archer covers the Cowboys for ESPNDallas.com.