Roy Williams: Lockout not all bad

The lockout is all right with Roy Williams.

As far as the Dallas Cowboys receiver is concerned, his body can use the rest after seven NFL seasons.

"I talked to a player who was contemplating retirement, but the lockout has gotten his body back to where it needs to be," Williams told the Odessa American while holding a youth football camp in his hometown. "For us older players, it's good."

The lockout may help veteran players in another way. Young players aren't getting the coaching they need to develop, making older, established players more valuable -- especially early in the season.

Going into his second season, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant falls into the category of a young player whose development could be hindered.

Williams might have had job security anyway because cutting him would force the Cowboys to take a huge salary cap hit. The lockout, which has prevented Bryant from getting the coaching he needs to fulfill his immense potential, probably eliminates the Dallas front office from even debating the issue.

Tim MacMahon is a reporter and columnist for ESPNDallas.com.