Cowboys have no answers for Eagles

PHILADELPHIA -- Coaches go through this at some point during their careers.

Jason Garrett got embarrassed Sunday night at Lincoln Financial Field as the Philadelphia Eagles routed the Dallas Cowboys 34-7.

When you rebuild a franchise, as Garrett is trying to do, you have to deal with moments like this from time to time.

It was a game the Eagles needed to win to save their season. The Cowboys needed this game to put the Eagles away in the NFC East and show they would have a say in this NFL season.

Instead, the Eagles ran the Cowboys out of town.

It seemed the Cowboys were not ready to play. With all the boasting from defensive coordinator Rob Ryan about beating the Eagles' behinds, the roles were reversed.

"He kicked my ass," Ryan said of Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

The Eagles had 495 total offensive yards and 239 rushing yards, converted 58 percent of their third-down plays, and dominated time of possession 42:09 to 17:51.

Garrett left the field Sunday night with his head down.

That's the way it should have been after the performance he got from his team.

Garrett wasn't as eloquent as Ryan regarding Sunday's outcome, but he was quite candid about what happened.

"Well, we're certainly disappointed," Garrett said. "The Philadelphia Eagles beat us in all phases of the football game: offensively, defensively and in the kicking game. It really was about execution more than anything else; I don't think it was about effort. I think we worked hard; guys were fighting hard in all three phases. They just played better than we did."

Garrett said his team prepared well during the week, but it certainly didn't carry over to the playing field. The Cowboys had no answers for running back LeSean McCoy, who rushed for 185 yards on 30 carries, the fourth-best rushing performance in Eagles history. Michael Vick pitched in 50 yards on seven carries and had just seven incompletions out of 28 pass attempts.

It was a surprisingly bad loss for the Cowboys, considering that they've been in every game during the 2011 season.

"You never think something like this is gonna happen before the game," cornerback Mike Jenkins said. "If you do, you need to get your issues straight. This is one of those games that just got out of hand and felt like we couldn't do nothing about it. We just got beat, flat out got beat. We got to let this go and think about better days. We got to think about next week. We just can't have this happen anymore."

The Cowboys have had trouble stringing together wins. Garrett wants his club to take one game at a time -- which is a good philosophy -- but at some point during a season, successful teams go on a run.

You can't continue to win, lose, win, win, lose, win, lose. Before you know it, you can't reach your goal of making the playoffs and the season is over.

The unpredictability of the NFC East gives the Cowboys hope. If you've noticed, the New York Giants don't seem like the best team in the division. Washington couldn't score in Toronto on Sunday afternoon, and the Eagles, while they looked like an elite team Sunday night, have been far from consistent.

Garrett has to get his team to move on Sunday's debacle, and he appears prepared to do just that.

"I think we played some very good football games. I think we played some good football in each of our first six games," Garrett said. "Unfortunately, we lost three of those close games against good football teams. [Sunday] we didn't play nearly as well as we have up to this point. And we have to get better; we have to look at what happened and get better in all phases of our football team."

Calvin Watkins covers the Cowboys for ESPNDallas.com.