Report: Dez Bryant owes $50K

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant may have more money troubles.

A New York-based financing company says that Bryant borrowed $100,000, is over a year overdue on payments and still owes $50,000, according to the Boston Herald.

The company, Endurance Capital Fund, says that it is trying to serve Bryant with a lawsuit but hasn't been able to get to him.

ECF says that it works with entertainers and athletes to help them buy luxury items. Bryant has had other legal run-ins recently related to luxury items. A New York jeweler said he owed over $200,000, and a Texas jeweler and ticket broker said he failed to pay for $600,000 in services.

Bryant was not available for comment, and the Cowboys refused to comment per team policy.

"This was a simple transaction with a loan agreement and promissory note reviewed by Mr. Bryant's advisors and signed by Mr. Bryant," ECF said in a statement to the Herald. "We held up our side of the bargain, now we are simply asking that Mr. Bryant follow through with what he promised to do.

"We have reached out to everybody from Mr. Bryant's agent to his mortgage broker to try to get this debt repaid. Everyone acknowledges the debt, but nobody will come forward to repay it. This is a unique and disappointing experience. We have never had a client refuse to repay their debt before."