Report: Cowboys to fight penalties

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the team plans to fight the NFL's decision to strip the Cowboys and Washington Redskins of cap space.

Jones, speaking Friday at a fundraiser for Alzheimer's disease, told the Dallas Morning News the team will take action. Sources told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter the NFL is taking $10 million from Dallas and $36 million from Washington in 2012 for front-loading contracts during the uncapped 2010 season.

"We will and have expressed that we don't agree with that," Jones told the Morning News. "What we're doing is a combination procedural and legal and all of that."

Jones told the Morning News the Cowboys have talked to the Redskins, and Washington also wants to fight the penalties.

"The Cowboys ... don't agree with that and how it was figured. I guess the Redskins feel the same way. We're trying to work through that," Jones told the Morning News.

Jones, the Cowboys' owner since 1989, admitted he found it strange to be teaming up with the Redskins.

"First of all, there is no joy in Mudville, having to team up with the Redskins on a point with the league," Jones told the Morning News. "They're competitors, not cohorts. It just shows you, independent of that, some of the issues we have with this cap-space issue. Sometimes you can have strange bedfellows and this is one of them."

Information from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter was used in this report.