Tony Romo least of Cowboys' worries

Lots of good stuff this week, so let's get to it.

Q: What do you think the chances are of the Dallas Cowboys drafting Jeff Fuller in the later rounds? -- Jeff (Waco, Texas)

A: The Texas A&M receiver has below-average speed, goes across the middle and runs good routes. He's not an elite receiver, but I do like him as a slot receiver. He should be a late-round guy. I'm not sure if the Cowboys want him considering the youth they have on their roster.

Q: Why Kevin Ogletree over any other receiver in free agency or the draft? Jesse Holley was more productive, what was wrong with him? I'm pretty sure I could produce more than Ogletree over a three-year span. It seems like Jerry Jones always signs one person who has potential to shut the fans up then goes straight to the bottom of the barrel to fill in the rest of the roster. -- Darron Lambert (Washington, D.C.)

A: It's interesting Holley isn't returning to the team and Ogletree is. The theory is that Ogletree is a more accomplished receiver than Holley. Ogletree was supposed to be the No. 3 receiver last season, but Laurent Robinson took that spot from him. In what was an indictment of what the team thought of Ogletree at the end of the season, he was active for the regular-season finale at the New York Giants but didn't play. I'm sure the Cowboys are sending a message to Ogletree by bringing him back. There are younger players, Dwayne Harris and Andre Holmes mainly, who will be given a shot to make the roster over Ogletree.

Q: Please tell me why was Anthony Spencer was franchised? His production was not up to par. -- Phil Rice (Blacksburg, Va.)

A: You can't compare Spencer to DeMarcus Ware. But let's look at the Spencer's stats. He finished with a team-leading four forced fumbles, was second in sacks with six and tied for the team lead in tackles for loss with eight. Spencer was also second in quarterback pressures with 31. Ware had 40. Can Spencer be more dominant? Of course, but are you comparing him to Ware or comparing him to someone else? The Cowboys had no real choice but to franchise Spencer. You can say the team could draft someone else, but the Cowboys don't believe any of the top pass-rushers eligible are better than Spencer.

Q: Hi Calvin, there is a lot of talk among Cowboys fans that we should take a cornerback or safety in the draft. I think we should take someone like Courtney Upshaw who can play on the end like DeMarcus Ware so we can get to the QB, so Ware is not always getting double-teamed. Right now, we don't have a guy like Ware. What do you think about taking Upshaw at No. 14? Thanks for your time. Cowboy fan for life. Christopher Daigle -- (New Jersey)

A: I don't think the Cowboys will take Upshaw at No. 14. If the team can't work out a long-term deal with Anthony Spencer, that's OK; you have him for one season and he's not a bad player. He's fine where he is.

Q: What's the deal with the Cowboys and fullback? For such a seemingly little used and/or overlooked position, they have vested time in it in the last six or so years. Lawrence Vickers, Tony Fiammetta, Shaun Chapas, Chris Gronkowski, Deon Anderson and even Lousaka Polite. What do the Cowboys want? Do they know what they want? Brad -- (Oklahoma)

A: When the Cowboys drafted Deon Anderson a few years ago, they hoped to have him at that position for a long time. Health forced the Cowboys to go elsewhere. The team also liked Chapas and Gronkowski, but they failed to produce. The Cowboys use the fullback for about 10 to 15 plays, and last season Fiammetta was very good until his health caused problems. Vickers is an upgrade, and you should expect a better running attack from the Cowboys.

Q: OK, I know everyone on SportsCenter says Tony Romo is the least of our worries, but I totally disagree. I know our secondary is suspect. I know we need more out of Dez Bryant and the running backs. Yet, out of all that I still think we need to look, just look for a new quarterback, even if it's a project quarterback. I don't know about anyone else but I personally think he has a vendetta against Cowboy nation. It's like every time it's close or even if we're winning in the fourth quarter, he somehow finds a way to throw it away. If your quarterback is Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or even Eli Manning, you most of the time feel sure you're in good hands, but if you're a Cowboys fan and you have Tony Romo throwing for you with the last seconds ticking off, you feel absolutely sure he is going to lose the game. Am I wrong? Earl -- (Montgomery, W.V.)

A: Tony Romo is one of the best quarterbacks in the game. If Romo got to the open market, he would get picked up within 24 hours. Romo is the least of the Cowboys' problems.

Q: Are you happy that Kyle Orton is on your team? Sophie Williams -- (Colorado)

A: Well, it's not my team. It's Jerry Jones' team. The Cowboys want a veteran quarterback to support Romo in case he gets hurt. Jones said if a veteran backup can get them two or maybe three wins if Romo is out, that's a positive thing. I agree. Though, the Cowboys should draft a quarterback this spring.

Q: I have a question. Would it be logical for the Cowboys to trade down in the NFL Draft? If they decide to draft an offensive lineman, is he going to be thrown into a starting position? If you were picking and on the clock for the Cowboys, what would be your choice of player or move? Edgar F. Greenwood -- (Minneapolis, Minn.)

A: I'm against trading down. Stay where you are and draft the best player available. If you trade down, it just minimizes the number of elite players available to you. The Cowboys have to make a decision somewhere. Get a safety or cornerback. Get a pass-rusher or get an offensive guard. There will be good players at No. 14 for Dallas, and it shouldn't pass up on getting an elite player.

Q: Calvin, if we went with David DeCastro at No. 14, we would have a guy who would not only open up holes for DeMarco Murray, but would also help keep Tony Romo on his feet. Shouldn't this be our No. 1 priority? I just don't see a pick in the draft on defense having the same impact as DeCastro would on offense. Your thoughts? Jeff -- (Corpus Christi, Texas)

A: At the start of this draft process, I thought the Cowboys should draft an offensive lineman, but after spending $30 million on two free-agent guards, Nate Livings and Mackenzy Bernadeau, the Cowboys most likely will draft a defensive player.