DeMarcus Ware's neck issues linger

IRVING, Texas -- When Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware missed an organized team activity last week, the All-Pro went through a series of MRIs and CT scans on his neck that all came back negative.

"Everything was good," Ware said. "Everything was normal, just like it always is. I feel great actually."

Ware has been slowed at different times the past three seasons because of a neck injury he suffered Dec. 13, 2009, against San Diego. Ware was carted off the field after his head jammed into the hip of an offensive lineman but he returned to the field six days later and had two sacks in a win against then-undefeated New Orleans.

Ware, who turns 30 in July, has not missed a game in his career.

"It's like a stinger," Ware said. "You know how when you hit you get that tingling sensation around your arm? It goes numb for like two seconds. I'll have my strength, do the test and then like it's, 'All right, just wait a little while then go back out and keep playing,' but sometimes it can take away from maybe one play you can make or two plays you can make in key situations where you know you can make a play."

Ware said he was fitted with new Douglas pads this offseason that he hopes will help eliminate the problem.

"It always goes away in the offseason," Ware said. "It comes back some of the time during the season. I think it's just going to be that way. You've just got to find some way to work through it and just do the precautionary stuff."

But Ware does worry about the injury for when his playing career ends.

"I think about long-term health all the time because with football your body takes a bruising and you've just got to get out there and play any way you can," he said. "And when your body tells you (that) you can't play anymore, that's when you've got to stop. You just can't keep doing it."