Dez Bryant supports Justin Blackmon

IRVING, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant considers fellow former Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon a close friend, but Bryant has not been in touch with Blackmon since the fifth overall pick's weekend arrest on an aggravated DUI charge.

However, Bryant expressed support for Blackmon, who held a news conference Wednesday at the Jaguars' complex in Jacksonville, Fla., to apologize for the early Sunday arrest when his blood alcohol level was allegedly found to be three times above the legal limit.

"He is a great guy," Bryant said. "If you knew him, you'd be like, 'I can't believe it.' At the same time, I just feel like it's just a lesson he's going to have to learn.

"I feel like he's going to get through it. I know he is, just because of the type of guy he is. I wish the best for him. I know he's going to come through and he's going to bounce back and do what he has to do."

This is the second time that Blackmon has been arrested on a DUI charge. The first incident occurred in 2010 while he was driving back to Stillwater, Okla., after watching Bryant play at Cowboys Stadium.

Bryant, considered a top-10 talent at the time of the 2010 draft, dropped to the 24th overall pick because of character concerns. He does not have a criminal record, but he has had a bumpy road off the field in his first two NFL seasons, particularly with managing his money. He admits that it was "overwhelming" at times in making the transition from college to the pros.

"Basically, it's decision making and what you do," he said. "Some guys make the right decisions, some guys make the wrong decisions. When you make a wrong decision, it's your choice if you want to learn from it or not."

Bryant believes that he's learned from his bad decisions and is optimistic that the same will be true for Blackmon.