Dez Bryant owns up to drop

IRVING, Texas -- After further review, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant admits he dropped the critical two-point conversion in the final minute of Sunday's 31-29 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Bryant originally complained that Ravens cornerback Cary Williams got away with pass interference on the play, which would have tied the score had Dallas converted. Bryant realized he was wrong when he watched the tape of that play.

"Looking back on it, that's a play I should make," Bryant said Monday afternoon.

Williams ripped Bryant for complaining for a flag, saying the receiver "needs to step up and be a man" and "give credit where credit is due."

Bryant countered on Monday with a not-so-gentle reminder that he finished the game with 13 catches for 95 yards and two touchdowns, doing much of his damage against Williams.

"I wouldn't be speaking so highly the way he's speaking," Bryant said. "I guess he forgot about the rest of the game.

"But, you know, they won. When you win, you get respect. They've got my respect."