Jason Garrett to dictate roles

Jerry Jones said any decisions regarding the Dallas Cowboys' offensive play-calling system will be made by coach Jason Garrett -- and not by the owner himself.

At last week's Senior Bowl workouts, Jones strongly hinted Garrett would not call the offensive plays and that the duties likely would be given to new offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Bill Callahan.

And in an interview posted Thursday on the team's website, Jones again hinted that there would be a new play-caller.

"Jason is putting together, as he should be, a staff and a philosophy on every phase of the team ... (relative to helping) us win a football game, now and in the future," Jones said during the interview. "Now being '13 ... I'm excited. We got a good man in Jason Garrett putting that together for us."

Jones acknowledged being defensive about the perception of his head coach's power and expressed confidence in Garrett's decision-making process.

"I'm on the defensive, I guess I am, sitting here defensively about (the perception)," Jones said. "But it is just not, in any way, the way that it is.

"Let me say this, I must say this: (Calling plays as head coach) has never been an issue with Jason Garrett. Never. That was his GM, that was me … by having him come in here as play-caller and doing that for the very first time."

Jones said he was excited to complete the defensive and special teams coaching changes and is ready to leave the rest up to Garrett.

"He's got a unique position," Jones said. "He knows our key players better than anybody. He knows what (Tony) Romo is and isn't better than anybody. He knows where we've been in terms of our offense, certainly over the last six years.

"So he's got a lot of experience with our personnel (and) with our offense. He certainly is excited about the changes we've made on defense, relative to how that affects the whole game plan. One of the things that I'm happiest about is who we got putting this together, and that's Jason Garrett."

Garrett addressed the play-calling duties after the season ended.

"I do think so much of playing good offensive (football) has to do with your quarterback," he said. "We're in a system right now, the way we do things, that Tony Romo is very comfortable and he's played really, really good football for the last part of the season.

"He's played well for us the last 4-5 years. We have to recognize that and we have to try to help him be in the best situation going forward. It's not all about him, it's about our whole offense and our football team. I understand that and he's a big part of it."

The Cowboys finished next to last in the NFL in rushing yards (1,265) and 19th in red-zone touchdowns (25) in 2012 despite ranking sixth in total offense.