Brenden Morrow resumes skating

FRISCO, Texas -- Dallas Stars captain Brenden Morrow, who has missed the past 14 games with neck and back issues, said he's "progressing pretty good" after resuming skating Thursday.

Morrow took to the ice during an optional practice, skating for the first time since injuries forced him out of the lineup in early February.

"This is the first skate in about three weeks, and so far, no pain. I guess that's a good sign," he said afterward.

Morrow hasn't played since Feb. 2 at San Jose. He's been doing off-ice work on his neck and back issues.

"It hasn't been fun. It's been a real strict core regimen to help stabilize the spine and try to relieve the stress on certain joints that I guess were causing me some problems," Morrow said. "It hasn't been fun, but the guys have been playing well and that makes it a lot easier."

On Thursday, Morrow skated on his own at one end of the rink and took part in a shootout drill at the end of practice. He said he's "nowhere near game shape" and will need a week or more before he returns to the lineup.

"It's going to be skating and different movements that my body hasn't been in and make sure I am not causing any pain, and then we'll start getting in some practices, getting bumped around a bit," he said. "I'll take it slow at the beginning and then ramp it up before getting into a game."

Mark Stepneski covers the Stars for ESPNDallas.com.