Kyle Busch talks to Kasey Kahne

CONCORD, N.C. -- Kyle Busch jokingly says he wouldn't blame Kasey Kahne for intentionally wrecking him in Saturday night's Sprint All-Star race -- or any upcoming event.

Busch has taken Kahne out three times this season, including the past two weeks at Talladega and Darlington.

After the past two incidents, Busch called Kahne to apologize.

"Racing up front, racing hard, I'm sure there will be a moment he could come back on me," Busch said Friday before the first practice for the non-points event at Charlotte Motor Speedway. "I expect it. It's fine. I just told Kasey, 'Don't make it hurt.'"

When asked to clarify whether he expected Kahne to retaliate, Busch said, "I said it as a joke. I don't think Kasey is that kind of guy. But if it happens, I'll understand."

Busch left Darlington without explaining what happened when Kahne spun out with the two racing side by side for the lead with about 30 laps remaining. On Friday, he called it "hard racing" but took responsibility for the incident that left Kahne with a 17th-place finish.

"You're in the last 30 laps, you've passed the last pit stop, it's all about track position,'' Busch said. "For us, we were racing as hard as we could. He pulled a huge slide job in Turn 3. I got back to his inside. I'd been running down there on the flat all night.

"I didn't think it would be a problem. When I got down there I just got tight and pushed up a little bit. Whether or not we touched, that's insignificant. I'm not racing to wreck Kasey Kahne. But Kasey Kahne did crash because of me. It's part of hard racing there at the end of the race."

Busch said he hates that there has been an incident with the same driver three times.

"If it were Matt Kenseth or Tony Stewart, we probably wouldn't see a story," he said, noting his reputation for drawing controversy.

Kahne was upset after the race, saying Busch "screwed up" and "I imagine he will call me again tomorrow and say he's sorry."

Busch did call, but he doesn't plan to race Kahne any differently this weekend or any moving forward.

"Race him just as hard as you race any other week," Busch said.