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My Top 5 NBA Style


May 24, 2006

I am not an NBA expert like some of the ESPN/ABC personnel working the games and studio, like Bill Walton, Greg Anthony or Tim Legler. As a basketball fan who appreciates the greatest athletes in the world, I still have an opinion on the best of the best in the NBA today.

Here are my top five PTP'ers in order:

1. LeBron James, Cavaliers. The Chosen One showed why he is special, helping his team go seven games with a tough Pistons squad. King James can do it all, my friends. He clearly makes his teammates better.

2. Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks. He is a force inside and outside. He also showed why he is clutch in game seven against the Spurs.

3. Tim Duncan, Spurs. He is consistent fundamentally and so special. He is a flat-out winner. Duncan is a complete player who is so smooth.

4. Kobe Bryant, Lakers. The Lakers star is a multi-dimensional scoring machine.

5. Steve Nash, Suns. He has the ability to create opportunities to make his teammates elevate their game.

How would that be for a starting five? That's right, Nash and Kobe on the perimeter, LeBron on the wing, Duncan in the post and Nowitzki at the power forward slot. Wow, even I couldn't screw up that team.

Dick Vitale coached the Pistons and the University of Detroit before broadcasting ESPN's first college basketball game in 1979. Send a question for Vitale for possible use on ESPNEWS.

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