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Torre should stay


As I stated on the Mike and Mike radio show on Monday, it is ridiculous and absurd for the Yankees to think about not re-upping Joe Torre.

I know I am not a baseball expert like Peter Gammons, who does a great job, but I have a passion and love for the sport. I have Tampa Bay Devil Rays season tickets and I sit right next to the visiting dugout. I get the opportunity to see the opposing managers interract with their players. I can flat out tell you Torre has been magnificent in the way he handles people.

It is more than the way he handles people professionally. You can't put aside his accomplishments over the last 12 seasons. It is not easy to make the playoffs when you have that bullseye on your back; everyone wants to play their best against the Bronx Bombers because they are fired up when they see that uniform. They rise to the occasion.

Think about Torre's leadership skills when the team was seemingly out of the postseason race. There were injuries, several hitters failing to produce, a struggling pitching staff, and when things looked bleak it was Torre leading the charge to regroup.

Certainly the Yankees have talent with A-Rod, Derek Jeter and company. Just don't forget the poise displayed by Torre. He never wavered, keeping an even keel. The players appreciated that leadership.

It would be a mistake not to have him as the manager next season. Look at some of the great coaches and managers who have withstood the test of time, names like Joe Paterno, Bob Knight, Bobby Bowden. The great ones have earned the opportunity; they will know when it is all over, when they can no longer communicate in a positive way.

Torre is far from finished. He is class in every way possible, representing that pinstripe uniform better than any manager they have ever had, on and off the field. It would be a travesty to see a leader of that stature sent to the sidelines.

When all is said and done, I still believe George Steinbrenner and his front office people will re-think the rhetoric saying Torre would be gone if they didn't beat the Indians. Look at the big picture and take emotion out of it. Steinbrenner flashed back to his old days in the football locker room, trying to motivate his team.

The Yankees season is over. The leadership of Torre should not end. I feel Steinbrenner will realize the best man for the job, to represent the Big Apple and its people, is Torre.